AT the present time, with so much unrest a…

AT the present time, with so much unrest and lack of peace in the world, one cannot wonder at the frequent complaints one hears from people about suffering from Insomnia.

Of course there are many causes and many advertised so-called cures. The ordinary man-in-the-street tries one of these cures but it proves to be no cure; it merely soothes his nerves for a while and for a time he may sleep a little better. This does not last: he takes a larger or stronger dose which does not work for any length of time either. Next another of the many so-called and well-advertised cures is purchases, but the effects are much the same: he gets worried and decided to visit a medical man. Surely he can cure this wretches sleeplessness?.

A few days ago I met a neighbour whom I have known for many years, but had not seen for some while. I was shocked at his appearance; from a well covered, or as one might have described him not so long ago, a plump little man, he had shrunken away in face and body, looked small and terribly ill. I asked him what was the matter. “Oh, this awful Insomnia,” was his reply: “Night after night I cannot sleep.” On further enquiry I learned he was now under his medical man and being given a well-known dope.

“Horrid stuff,” I remarked; whereupon he stated that his doctor told him it was the mildest of all the sleeping medicines. I instantly remembered a very well-known lady Doctor, who uses Homoeopathic remedies, once telling me that her patients slept and she could conscientiously say that never in all her years of practice, which are many, had she ever given a sleeping drought.

I regretted this mans doctor was not an homoeopath.

He went on to tell me how, with the present state of affairs, he lives in constant fear of air raids as he thinks the country might be plunged into a state of war any day in the immediate future. I tried to cheer him up by laughingly saying he would not know anything more once a bomb had dropped on him, but he went on to tell me that what he really dreaded was being hit and not killed outright: think of lying suffering for three to four days was his retort.

I thought of the various remedies offered by Homoeopathy to combat sleeplessness, nerves, fear.

I only his doctor had studied Homoeopathy: this poor man might have been helped back to health. Under the circumstances one could do nothing. It made my heart ache.

I will now go on to another incident with a more cheerful end. When on holiday last Summer I saw a lady whom I had met the previous year. I recollected her saying how badly she suffered from Insomnia, so politely enquired if it had been overcome. She told me it was just as bad as ever.

I asked the cause and learned that she had nursed her sister who had died after a very long illness during which time she had been obliged to sit up a lot at nights. Since then she could never get off to sleep until the early hours of the morning and then only slept for an hour or two. I knew that she lived with her brother, a retired doctor on account of age. In view of this fact I had refrained from mentioning Homoeopathy the first year I met her.

This year I thought I would suggest her trying this art of cure and told her of Coffea; to my surprise and pleasure she willingly consented to take some of the we pilules. I gave her Coffea, 6th centesimal potency with instructions as to dosage, etc. In a few days time I rang up and hesitatingly enquired if there was any improvement. To my joy, I was told that she was sleeping about four to five hours each night. Since then she has continued to improve and at Xmas she wrote me that she is now sleeping well but if she cant get off to sleep she takes a little sugar pill and it works wonders. She always keeps some Coffea 6 in case of need.

Another short item about Insomnia.

A friend of mine to whom I have given Coffea with good results: everlastingly used to be complaining of not being able to sleep ad often begged me to give her something to cure the sleeplessness. She had tried all sorts of things and found them useless, so eventually I gave her Coffea, knowing that she had had a great deal of trouble.

I began with Coffea in the 6th centesimal potency and it held her for some time; then I had to go up to the 12th potency which was all that was needed as although I see her quite frequently, I never hear a word about sleeplessness. Naturally I conclude it has worked well! What a blessing Coffea would be to many people if only they knew more about it.

Dorothy V. Williams