EUTHANASIA. With euthanasia apparently so nearly attained what was lacking? Would a higher potency of Tarentula cub. have done it? If not, what other remedy would have given her peace the last ten days? When should one stop trying to cure and attempt to attain euthanasia?.


CANCER NOSODES. The homoeopathic preparation and potentizing of these diseased tissues makes them a similar remedy of use in treating cancer. Just as Tuberculinum is invaluable in the homoeopathic treatment of chronic and even of acute diseases, since it has been well-proven, doubtless Carcinosin would quickly have a large field of use if it were sufficiently proven.


ACUTE RHEUMATIC FEVER – A CASE REPORT. My excuse for bringing this report before this august body is that it is a simple clear-cut case of rheumatic fever which was cured by a single remedy and time. This twelve-year-old girl was brought to y office on April 10th of this year complaining that during her second menstrual period, which was then present, she had mild cramps in the abdomen, a lumbar backache and pain and swelling of the left knee which was worse on walking or straightening her leg.


CEDRON. Cedron is prepared from the seed of a plant which is indigenous to tropical Central and South America. In this same general region are malarias, intermittent fevers and poisonous snakes. Even before it was proven homoeopathically, Cedron had a reputation for curing intermittent fevers and antidoting snake venoms. Cedron is an antidote to Lachesis and is antidoted by Lachesis.


CAUSES OF DISEASE. Disease is defined as the lack of bodily ease; an ailment or malady. There are, of course, numerous causes, some close or immediate and some remote, even congenital or inherited. Hahnemann in his Organon has given an explanation of the cause of disease by his hypothesis of the three disease miasms which underlie all disease and permit its development.


HOMOEOPATHY AND ISOPATHY. Potentized and modified in this way, the itch-matter (psorin) for administration is no longer idem with the crude original itch-matter, but only a similimum. For between idem and similimum there is, for those who can reflect, nothing intermediate; or, in other words, between idem and simile only similimum can exist.


ACUTE SINUSITIS. Sinusitis is quite common and often acute in the region of the Great Lakes and even in Cincinnati. I shall only adduce a few cases with their homoeopathic treatment. Sinusitis is a painful and distressing condition which usually responds to the indicated remedy when it can be discovered. One of the main difficulties in treating sinusitis is to get the patient to describe his affliction rather than the various treatments and nostrums he had used.


A homoeopathic baby should and usually does have a fairly normal birth requiring a minimum of artificial aids such as the current amnesics and analgesics, episiotomies, forceps, etc. And having arrived in this world as a separated entity he is able to breathe and nurse and function normally. And in due course there should be a plentiful supply of mothers milk for him which will agree with him and he with it.