Vaccination performed once, if it took badly, or failed wholly or partially, falls into the same category. Even if it ran a normal course, yet if the history is given that the patients health was in any degree affected thereby, the antidote must be applied. There are several remedies to choose from, and it is not easy to say which should be preferred from, and it is not easy to say which should be preferred in any case


Doubtless it is a sign of incompetent prescribing, but from time to time it has seemed profitable to search for yet more variations of the plus method, and one such has proved to be of undoubted value when ones range of potencies of a well indicated remedy is limited.


Unfortunately, my case records are not now available so that I cannot say what remedies were given, but in the course of two or three years constitutional treatment the leukoplakia disappeared, to be replaced temporarily by a form of dyspepsia which in turn yielded to the attack of the indicated remedy.


The slight or smell of food induces in the hungry an outpouring of saliva. What is its purpose? To act as a lubricant and enable one to swallow the food more quickly, say ignorance, laziness and impatience. Not so. Lubrication may be a part of its duty but its more essential use is to digest starch and in order to attain that end it must be thoroughly mixed with the food.