Cannabis indica

Proving Symptoms of homeopathy medicine Cannabis Indica, described by Richard Hughes in his book, A Cyclopedia of Drug Pathogenesis, published in 1895….


Indian hemp. (Haschisch, bhang, gunjah, churrus, denote various native preparations of this plant, all of which owe their activity to its peculiar resinous exudation.).


1. April 13th, 7 a.m., dr. tinct. – 14th 7 a.m., 20 dr. Between 12 and 2 p.m., when walking slight tendency to vertigo. – 15th, 7 a.m., 30 dr. Head heavy, confused; vertigo from 7:30 a.m., till evening 9:30 a.m., pressive pain on various parts of skull, in left wrist and left ankle, severe pain in muscles below l. scapula. – 19th, 7 a.m., 30 dr. 10 a.m., slight transient weight and heat in sinciput. – 20th. Pain in wrists and ankles, stitches in urethra; some days incomplete urination, it cannot be completed without great pressing. – 23rd, 7 a.m., 45 dr. 8 m., forehead confused, heavy. 6 p.m., shooting in end of urethra; e., pain in right ankle – joint – 25 th, 10 a.m., severe pains in joints of right big toe; in same e. – 29th, 7 a.m., 60 dr. 9 p.m., a peculiar, very painful weariness in both legs. 10 p.m., tearing pain in left knee; during the last d. urine darker and scanty. – 29th and 30th. Two liquid stools and frequent urging to stool without result. – 30 th. E. and n., shooting in end of urethra, pain in left wrist. – May 1st, 7 a.m., and 60 dr. In the n. frequent urination, urine dark coloured, shooting in urethra. – 3rd. Anxious feeling in chest, and quick, small, irregular heart’s beats almost all day – 7th, 10 a.m., small, irregular heart’s beats causing anxiety when sitting and stooping. (LEMBKE, Z. f. h. Kl., iv, 155.)

2. Dr. HEINRICH took, May 6th at 5:30 p.m., 10 gr. of a peculiar preparation of can, ind. called “Biringi.” He chewed it and swallowed all but about 2 gr. of insoluble matter. Then occurred scrapping in fauces, eructation and slight nausea. Could not smoke a cigar in consequence of the dryness and roughness of throat. At 7 p.m., met a friend and spoke all kinds of stupid nonsense to him; everything appeared in a ridiculous light. Face and eyes red, felt hot and had a sense of agility in his movements. This lasted 20 m.; then suddenly he felt much oppressed, everything seemed too narrow, his features were distorted, his face pale; he felt as if all his blood was boiling and streaming up to his head; he felt as if his body was lifted up and he was going to fly; compressive and constrictive feeling in pit of stomach. His anxiety and weakness seemed to deprive him of all power of will, so that his companions had to drag him along. After washing and drinking cold water he felt better for 5 m. His pulse was small and with long intermissions. He felt sure his last hour was come and he cried out “I am dying, I shall soon be dissected in the dissecting room!” Horrible visions rose before him, increasing in horrible character till unconsciousness came on; as consciousness returned some pleasant visions occurred. I seemed to him that he was carried up hills and steep precipices with enormous abysses beneath him, and all the time he chattered continuously. But in spite of his talkativeness he felt that he could not express half what he felt. All his thoughts and actions since childhood seemed to recur to him. When he opened his eyes he saw everything and everybody about him, and he answered questions but broke off into extravagant fancies. He did not know when they applied mustard plasters to his legs and rubbed him with brushes, the sensibility of his skin was so much decreased. He was not aware the he had a rigor, and he passed his urine involuntarily. At 8:30 the pupils were slightly dilated, conjunctiva injected, heart’s beats very weak, sometimes scarcely perceptible, pulse frequently imperceptible for 1 m. and more, it then became stronger and went up to 78 (normal pulse 58 – 60). These alternations of weaker and stronger pulse recurred several times in the h., respiration gentle, regular, belly distended, extremities cold, sometimes trembling, skin insensible to cutaneous irritants. He was possessed with the idea that he must die and would be dissected, and he took leave of those around him. This idea recurred frequently, and was always synchronous with the sinking and extinction of the pulse. At 10 p.m., he regained mastery over his mental functions, stopped chattering and felt pain in praecordial region where mustard had been applied. Thoughts chased another so rapidly through his mind that he thought a much longer time had elapsed than was the case. He did not sleep at n. He passed urine more frequently than usual and not without difficulty. Next m. he was still too confused to be able to do his work or collect his thoughts, and he felt very weak. On the 3rd d. he walked about supported between two persons. The bowels remained constipated for several d. (Zeitesch. d. Verbascum d. hom Aerzte Oester., ii 306).

Richard Hughes
Dr. Richard Hughes (1836-1902) was born in London, England. He received the title of M.R.C.S. (Eng.), in 1857 and L.R.C.P. (Edin.) in 1860. The title of M.D. was conferred upon him by the American College a few years later.

Hughes was a great writer and a scholar. He actively cooperated with Dr. T.F. Allen to compile his 'Encyclopedia' and rendered immeasurable aid to Dr. Dudgeon in translating Hahnemann's 'Materia Medica Pura' into English. In 1889 he was appointed an Editor of the 'British Homoeopathic Journal' and continued in that capacity until his demise. In 1876, Dr. Hughes was appointed as the Permanent Secretary of the Organization of the International Congress of Homoeopathy Physicians in Philadelphia. He also presided over the International Congress in London.