Use of the Repertory

Use of Repertory By James Tyler Kent. Symptoms most peculiar to the patient must be taken first, then those less and less peculiar until the symptoms that are common and not peculiar are reached, in order, from first to last….

How to Study the Repertory

How to Study a Repertory to take a help in remedy selection? This individuality in the patient manifests itself by peculiar symptoms nearly always prominent, and always looked for by the true healer. …

How to Use the Repertory

The use of the Repertory in homeopathic practice is a necessity if one is to do careful work. Our Materia Medica is so cumbersome that the best prescriber must meet with only indifferent results….


Repertorising techniques by MARGRET TYLER and JOHN WEIR. Symptoms are of two orders; (a) those general to the patient as a whole (Kent’s GENERALS), and (b) those particular, at to the patient as a whole, but to some part of him (Kent’s PARTICULARS)….

Grading of Symptoms

Second in grade, after the mental symptoms, and his reactions to mental environment, come, if well marked, such general symptoms of the patient as his reactions, as a whole, to bodily environment….

Eliminating Symptoms

Concept of Eliminating symptom in homeopathic repertorisation. If you can get such marked eliminating symptoms to begin with, see what lively small number if drugs you have to carry down through all, the rubrics, and how much easier ad quicker it is to get your remedy….