Respiratory symptoms of homeopathic remedy Senega, described by Van Denburg in his book, Therapeutics of Respiratory system, cough & coryza, published in 1916….


Said to be especially useful in fat persons of lax fiber. (Farring-ton.).



Very fluent, watery coryza; preceded by violent sneezing and feeling of red pepper in nostrils.



Difficult cough; oppression of chest; tickling in larynx; much rattling in chest in night.

Shaking irritating cough, in old people. Short, hacking cough, which scrapes and tears throat. Constant inclination to clear the throat; from tough, scanty, very difficult mucus.

Chronic dry cough of the aged; shaking and irritating.

Cough ending in sneezing.


Chronic, profuse, loose cough, in old people; with much rattling of mucus in chest.

Chronic, loose, rattling cough, with but little expectoration; old people.

Loose cough; abundant, clear, stringy mucus. Alternate loose cough and diarrhoea in old people.

Loose, rattling cough of old people; with profuse secretion of mucus (sub-acute or chronic).


Tough, clear sputa, like white of egg.

Scanty, very difficult, tough mucus.

Abundant, clear, stringy mucus.

Abundant, albuminous, clear mucus.


In open air; voice; in repose, soreness in chest.

From cold, or over-use voice lost; from walking.

In morning while dressing, and before breakfast; cough.

Dry cough, loss of voice, worse.

Walking in open air, dry cough worse.

By coughing, sneezing, or pressure, soreness in chest worse.


At rest.

In warm room.

After eating.

In open air, headache better.


Soreness in chest; sensitive to touch, and when coughing; with dry cough, dry throat, and hoarseness (first stage); afterward, much mucus in bronchi; worse by coughing, sneezing, or pressure; worse in open air and in repose; headache better in open air.

Violent aching in chest at night when waking; loose or difficult chronic cough.

Stitches in chest when coughing or breathing; chronic cough.

Walls of chest sore to touch, or sneezing; remnants of old colds.

Soreness of chest deep in, felt on any severe exterior motion; great soreness and pressure in chest walls.

Chest feels constricted and sore; as if lungs pressed against spine; feels like stretching and expanding it; it feels too narrow; the effort to expand leaves the chest sore.

Shooting in chest, worse during rest, and when inspiring.

Burning, sore pain under sternum; especially during deep breathing and motion.


Lost; even whispering is painful, and causes dry cough; worse in open air.

Lost from cold, or over-use.


Heart-beats shake the whole body; worse walking.

Great soreness in chest walls.

Chest feels too narrow and contracted.

Shooting pains in chest during rest and on inspiring.

M.W. Van Denburg
M. W. (Marvin W.) VAN DENBURG, A.M., M.D.
Author of "A homoeopathic materia medica on a new and original plan ... A sample fascicle containing the arsenic group."
"Therapeutics of the respiratory system, cough and coryza, acute and chronic : repertory with index, materia medica with index"