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Respiratory symptoms of homeopathic remedy Natrum Muriaticum, described by Van Denburg in his book, Therapeutics of Respiratory system, cough & coryza, published in 1916.



Dullness and difficulty in thinking.



Fluent, very profuse, clear white mucus, from coryza, with loss of taste and smell, and troublesome cough from tickling in throat.

Frequent and violent sneezing coming on in morning after rising; headache every morning.

Nose completely stopped, the nasal mucous membrane being much swollen.

Cold in the head, with many small blisters on nostrils and lips.

Hay fever, with watery discharge from eyes and nose: squirming tickling in nostrils as of a worm.

Watery coryza, with great sleepiness.

Burning and soreness inside nose, or in one nostril (left); worse blowing it.

Acute, watery coryza; loss of taste and smell.


Chronic or sub-acute, dry with occasional thick mucus; loss of taste and smell.

Throat feels very dry, yet constantly hawks up transparent mucus, which may be salty tasting.

Dry catarrh of larynx and trachea; dry, tickling cough; voice hoarse; feeling of dryness and soreness.

Dry coryza, dry catarrh; feeling of dryness in nose, which is stopped up.


Fever blisters on nose and lips.

Abundant, clear mucus, like white or egg, in larynx (acute catarrh).

Clear, watery or frothy phlegm; sometimes loose and rattling, but raised with difficulty. (Acute or chronic catarrh.)

Thick mucus from the head, with loss of taste and smell.

Thick mucus, membranes thickened. (Chronic catarrh.)


Every morning, sneezing.

From too much tobacco-smoking.

Every night, stoppage of nose.

Takes cold in head very easily; must always wrap up, or head is stopped up next night.



Obstinate, short, dry, hacking cough, from elongated uvula; with loss of breath day and night.

Dry, hacking cough, with pain in distant parts; and bursting, beating, throbbing in the forehead like hammers.

Dry cough, with rattling in chest, and stitches in liver.

Severe, dry cough, with involuntary escape of urine; tears stream down the cheeks; tickling in throat, or in pit of stomach.


Profuse, watery, frothy, clear mucus.

Loose and rattling, but difficult at times. (Acute or chronic.)

Yellow and blood-streaked. (Chronic).


From rapid motion; from deep breathing while walking.

Lying down; getting warm in bed, suffocative cough.

Sour food or drink.

Empty swallowing.

From tickling in pit of stomach or throat, with bursting pain in forehead.


Pain, especially in forehead in the morning, like throbbing of little hammers, very distinct.

Pain in distant parts, with cough.

Tickling in throat, or in pit of stomach.


Asthma, with profuse, frothy, or watery mucus; dyspnea from manual labor.

Severe, bursting headache; worse, from spasmodic dry cough.

Intermittent fever.

Short, anxious, oppressed, wheezing breathing, on walking fast; better in open air and using the arms, but worse ascending.