Respiratory symptoms of homeopathic remedy Bromium, described by Van Denburg in his book, Therapeutics of Respiratory system, cough & coryza, published in 1916….



Fluent coryza, with violent sneezing.

Corrosive soreness of margins of nose, and of the upper lip.

Long-continued, obstinate coryza, with catarrh of fauces, and soreness of alae and upper lip.


Fluent, watery.


Tingling, producing violent sneezing.

As of cobwebs on nose and face.

Of coldness in larynx.

Constriction and coppery taste in pharynx.


LOOSE COUGH- Chronic hoarseness.

Scraping and rawness in larynx.

Croupy, rattling cough, from much laryngeal mucus.

Rough, barking, croupy cough, from tingling.


As from smoke of sulphur in the larynx.

Loose-sounding cough, but nothing comes up.

Night and day.

Dry, very spasmodic, with constriction and coppery taste in pharynx.

From tickling irritation deep in the throat.

Spasmodic closure of the glottis, from intense irritation, while coughing.


None at first.

Afterwards, very scanty and difficult, bloody, or purulent mucus.

Abundant and very difficult; it threatens to suffocate.


From deep inspiration.

From cold air.

From dust.

From swallowing.

In evening, much fatigued by cough.


From drinking.


Dark-red fauces; swallowing painful.

Larynx very sensitive.


Child wakes gasping, and calls for a drink, which gives a little relief.

Dry, hoarse, sawing respiration; or much rattling in larynx when breathing, and still more when coughing.

Obstructed breathing, especially by laryngeal mucus; yawning and drowsiness with it.

Feeling of constriction impedes breathing; with dry, tickling cough.

Constriction of chest without cough.

Asthma of sailors as soon as they go ashore.

Attacks of suffocation as from vapor of sulphur.


Chronic hoarseness; fatiguing cough.

Hoarseness long-continued from sudden chill after over-heating; constant soreness in larynx.

Aphonia in croup and diphtheria.

Sensations of smoothness and emptiness in a spot in larynx; larynx painful to touch.

Rawness, scraping and tickling in larynx.


Small and weak, skin cool and clammy.


Coppery taste in throat, with dry cough.

Shore asthma of sailors.

Of smoothness and emptiness at a spot in the larynx.

Coldness in larynx; cold feeling when inspiring.

Wakens from sleep gasping fro breath.

Constriction of chest, without cough.

M.W. Van Denburg
M. W. (Marvin W.) VAN DENBURG, A.M., M.D.
Author of "A homoeopathic materia medica on a new and original plan ... A sample fascicle containing the arsenic group."
"Therapeutics of the respiratory system, cough and coryza, acute and chronic : repertory with index, materia medica with index"