Respiratory symptoms of homeopathic remedy Ammonium BRomide, described by Van Denburg in his book, Therapeutics of Respiratory system, cough & coryza, published in 1916….



Nose stopped, followed by clear discharge.

Stinging in fauces, with inclination to cough, but it is Relieved by sneezing.

Throat looks dark-red, or mottled.

Irritation of throat mostly on the sides.

Preparing to swallow is painful; the Act is not.


Of hot air passing up throat, though (Capsicum)

Stomach feels cold.



Almost continuous for hours.

Worse lying down and at night (Reflex).

From tickling heat and burning in throat and chest.

Severe, spasmodic, dry cough, at frequent intervals, From tickling in larynx and throat, and throat (sub-acute).

Sudden, strangling cough (nervous, hysterical).


None, cough dry; or Sticky, white mucus.


Hot air passing out of throat.

Tickling, very pronounced, even to strangling.

Heat, or burning in throat and lungs.

Lungs feel cold inside.

Sharp pleuritic pains in chest.

Inclination to draw a long breath.

Must walk about, from feeling of suffocation.

Preparing to swallowing is painful; the act is not.

M.W. Van Denburg
M. W. (Marvin W.) VAN DENBURG, A.M., M.D.
Author of "A homoeopathic materia medica on a new and original plan ... A sample fascicle containing the arsenic group."
"Therapeutics of the respiratory system, cough and coryza, acute and chronic : repertory with index, materia medica with index"