Carbolic acid Fever Symptoms

Allen gives the therapeutic indications of the remedy Carbolic Acid in different kinds of fevers like: Continued, Bilious, Intermittent, Malarial, Remittent, Pernicious, Typhoid, Typhus, Septic fever, etc…


Characteristic – Pains are terrible, come suddenly, last a short time, disappear suddenly (Belladonna, Mag.p.).

Profound prostration, collapse, surface pale and bathed in cold sweat (Camph., Carbo vegetabilis, Verbascum).

“Physical exertion, even much walking, brings on abscess in some part, but generally in the r. ear.” – R.T. Cooper.

Dull, heavy frontal headache, as if a rubber band were stretched tightly over the forehead, from temple to temple (Gelsemium, Platina, Sul.).

When burns tend to ulceration and ichorous discharge (Arsenicum, Carbo, Kreosotum), rapid decubitus.

Putrid discharges from mouth, nose, throat, nostrils, rectum and vagina (Anthracinum, Psorinum, Pyrogen).

Malignant scarlatina and variola (Am.c.).

Lacerated wounds with blunt instruments, bones bare, crushed, much sloughing of soft parts (Calendula).

Longing for whisky and tobacco (Asarum europaeum, Carbo vegetabilis).

Vomiting: of drunkards, in pregnancy, sea-sickness, cancer, of dark, olive-green fluid (Pyrogen).

Dysentery: Fluid mucus, like scrapings of mucous membranes and great tenesmus (Cantharis), diarrhea, stools thin, involuntary, black, of an intolerable odor.

Constipation, with horribly offensive breath (Opium, Psorinum).

Leucorrhea: acrid, copious, fetid, green.

Relations – Compare: Arsenicum, Kreosotum in burns.

Carbolic Acid is antidoted by dilute cider vinegar.

Type: Intermittent, with hypertrophy of spleen, remittent, low miasmatic, in autumn, enteric typhoid, typhus, scarlet, yellow, septic. All fevers tend to collapse or malignancy.

Chill: Chilly, in a warm room, or in open air. Chill followed by fever and slight sweat, with numb ache in arms and legs, pulse small and rapid, aggravation about sundown and through night, felt as if he had taken a bad cold.

Heat: High fever and frequent recurring chills alternating. Skin, hot, dry, with intense restlessness.

Sweat: Profuse, at night bathed in perspiration. Sweat cold, clammy, acrid, offensive, exhausting.

Pulse: Rapid, 120-130, feeble, small, flickering, intermittent and slow, irregular.

Tongue: Burning and tingling as if a thousand needles were pricking it (Arum). Coated, white, red papillae here and there (Ant.t., Belladonna), dark brown, thick yellow – white fur down center, dry, shiny, glassy (, Pyrogen). Sordes. Breath fetid.

Analysis: The fever is high at onset, temp. high, pulse rapid feeble, the attack sudden, rapidly prostrating and tends to malignancy. Fevers with splenic hypertrophy.

H. C. Allen
Dr. Henry C. Allen, M. D. - Born in Middlesex county, Ont., Oct. 2, 1836. He was Professor of Materia Medica and the Institutes of Medicine and Dean of the faculty of Hahnemann Medical College. He served as editor and publisher of the Medical Advance. He also authored Keynotes of Leading Remedies, Materia Medica of the Nosodes, Therapeutics of Fevers and Therapeutics of Intermittent Fever.