Homeopathy Remedies for Wounds

Anshutz gives a useful therapeutic differential diagnosis of the condition Wounds, with the most useful homeopathic remedies. Therapeutic byways by E.P. Anshutz, published in 1900….

Calendula [Calen]

      In one of the Paris revolutions, 1849, Jahr writes that after he began using Calendula he saved all cases of shattered limbs that refused amputation. It prevents suppuration and certainly promotes healing. The chemical antiseptics, like bichloride, prevent suppuration, but do not promote healing.

Lappa officinalis [ ]

      This drug is said to be very efficient in prolapsus uteri, whether mechanical means are used or not. Potency is uncertain- the tincture or higher.

Onion juice Drs. Cooke, Gabriel and Minchen, in the Lancet, speak very highly of Succus allii or onion juice, one part to about four of pure water, as a dressing for suppurating or festering wounds. Wash the wound with the lotion and afterwards apply the dressing, saturated with the lotion.

E.P. Anshutz
Edward Pollock Anshutz – 1846-1918. Editor - Homeopathic Recorder and author of New Old and Forgotten Remedies. Held an Hon. Doctor of Medicine from Hering Medical College.