Homeopathy Remedies for Chiggers

Anshutz gives a useful therapeutic differential diagnosis of the condition Chiggers, with the most useful homeopathic remedies. Therapeutic byways by E.P. Anshutz, published in 1900….

Coal oil These little insects-chiggers or jiggers-bury themselves under the skin, fester, and cause much discomfort to their victim. It is said that rubbing coal oil on the affected parts will give quick relief. Gasoline will answer the same purpose, possibly, or it may be that the crude petroleum, which is very penetrating, would be best of all. When a bolt is rusted in coal oil, or petroleum, is put around it and allowed to stand for a few days; it cuts into the rust and allows the bolt to be unscrewed, or loosened. Possibly this is the way the Jiggers are served-only it may kill them and the constitution throw them out-as it does all effete matter-and men try to stop the throwing out process, and call it curing skin diseases.’ Some skin diseases, like chiggers or rhus poisoning, require an external therapy, but not all require it. An eruption, while not pleasant, is often beneficent nature’s mode of ridding the body of dangerous matter. Don’t plug up the sewers and call it a cure-the foul stuff is still within.

E.P. Anshutz
Edward Pollock Anshutz – 1846-1918. Editor - Homeopathic Recorder and author of New Old and Forgotten Remedies. Held an Hon. Doctor of Medicine from Hering Medical College.