Experiences with the Friedman Test

Experiences with the Friedman Test. FOR several years it has been known that the amount of female sex hormone, estrin, as well as the amount of gonad stimulating hormone from the anterior pituitary, prolan, were increased in the blood during pregnancy. Mazers theory as given by Bland, First and Roeder is 1 that the luteal hormone which is stimulated by prolan prepares the endometrium to take care of the pregnancy and is therefore found early in the blood while estrin governs growth and vasculation of the uterus and is not needed early- in fact, will in large quantities produce abortion.

History of Homoeopathy

History of Homoeopathy. THE vital force, or, as one also states in respect to diseases, the “natural healing power,” is a delicate field on which one has written so much the more, the less one knows about it. It withdraws from the experience of the senses and if one holds only that is the subject of natural scientific investigation which can be studied directly chemicophysically, then one can deny it or at least not consider it an exile it into the field of natural philosophy.

The Homoeopathic Aspects of the Diabetic Case

The Homoeopathic Aspects of the Diabetic Case. IT HAS been said that every surgical case has a medical aspect. In a similar way, we might say that every diabetic case has a homoeopathic aspect. The indications upon which we prescribe homeopathic medicines for diabetes do not very from those which we employ in all other cases. It is true that with some drugs, notably phosphorus., arsenic, sulphur and uranium nitrate, we have a physiologic basis and a very pretty biologic theory upon which to justify their use.

Pruritus Ani

Pruritus Ani. PRURITUS ANI is on of the most distressing affections encountered in the sphere of proctology. A discussion of its definition is superfluous: the particular factor of interest to the sufferer as well as to the physician in charge of the case concerns its etiology.

Roentgenometric Pelvimetry

Roentgenometric Pelvimetry. FOR some time the x-ray has been used to advantage in diagnosis of multiple pregnancy, position of fetus and fetal abnormalities. However, it has been only the past four or five years that any definite information has been obtained by roentgenographic methods of diagnoses in pelvimetry. At the present time we are convinced that only by means of roentgenographs can be true proportions of the superior strait be determined, and that the ordinary external methods of Pelvimetry are not only occasionally misleading but proportionately inaccurate.

Fissure in Ano with Complications and Treatment

Fissure in Ano with Complications and Treatment. SINCE anal fissure is such a frequently occurring disorder in proctology and since in proctology and since the symptom are so well known, we will devote the short time at our disposal to discussing the less familiar features, complications and treatment of cases presenting unusual symptoms. A simple uncomplicated anal fissure will usually yield to a casual divulsion of the contracted sphincter muscles, but when diseased crypts, congested haemorrhoids or hypertrophied papillae are present, the problem becomes more difficult.

Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris or Shepherds Purse

Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris or Shepherds Purse. THIS drug, for eighteen years, has been giving me some remarkable results in various ways. Particularly has it been found useful in kidney stone, gallstones, haemorrhages, and various dropsical effusions. Others have mentioned haemorrhage after abortion, hematuria, hemoptysis, metrorrhagia, haemorrhage from cancer uteri, dysentery, dysuria, uric acid diathesis, dropsy.

Application of homoeopathic Principles in of Mental States

Application of homoeopathic Principles in of Mental States. THE object of this paper is to reveal and evaluate homoeopathic principles in the treatment of mental reactions. Such an approach is being practiced at the Middletown State homoeopathic Hospital where our observations were made. In this paper we will also bring forth the observations and conclusions arrived at by others as to the effects of certain homoeopathic remedies in the treatment of certain mental states.

A Case of Renal Calculi Cured by the Homoeopathic Remedy

A Case of Renal Calculi Cured by the Homoeopathic Remedy. Much flatulence in the bowels since typhoid fever when she was fifteen; some belching, which was always worse before or during an attack. Menses result, profuse, painful; accompanied by herpes about the mouth and irritability; ending occasionally in a headache; followed by marked weakness. Aching here and there, in joints or calves of the legs when the weather changes from hot to cold or becomes damp.

Clinical Experiences with Vinyl Ether

Clinical Experiences with Vinyl Ether. THE search for the ideal anesthetic has become intense. When the anesthetists of this country and Canada organized some twenty years ago to form the International Anesthesia Research Society, the interest of physiologic and pharmacologic research workers was at once aroused. Since that day these men of the laboratory, in collaboration with our outstanding anesthetists, have brought about marked advances in methods of anesthesia.

Encephalitis Lethargica

Encephalitis Lethargica. THE increase in recurrence and prevalence of encephalitis in sporadic and epidemic form in our state and bordering states is the excuse for this paper, and not that I can add anything of value in detection or treatment, in the etiology or pathology of this disease with may be of value in detection or treatment, in the etiology or pathology of this disease with its complex protean manifestations But discussion may be of value in directing a more critical attention to this diseases that from all reports has been mistaken and treated in many instances for other diseases until within the last six months.

Operative Procedures Indicated Occasionally After Ulcers And healed Colonic Fecoliths

Operative Procedures Indicated Occasionally After Ulcers And healed Colonic Fecoliths. A PRELIMINARY report of 100 cases of gastro-duodenal ulcers treated during the past three years. We term this medical treatment “gastric collapse” to distinguish it from the Sippy and Alvarez treatments and their modifications wherein bland fluids an semisolids often with alkalies re given frequently, i.e.m every hour or two hours. More than half of our ambulatory cases are relieved of their symptoms by a bland diet.

Postoperative Chest Complications

Postoperative Chest Complications. LESIONS of the chest following surgery and because of it occur in about 3 per cent of all operative cases. This is somewhat higher than that given in the older records and closer observation at the present time and a more complete classification of these lesions. The in the chest except embolism and pneumonia both of which frequently resulted fatally and were therefore obvious as to diagnosis.

The Present Status of Radiation in the Treatment of Malignant Conditions

The Present Status of Radiation in the Treatment of Malignant Conditions. Pursuing these general principles, I have adopted the Countard method with some slight modifications. The cures which I shall illustrate will show that the percentage of cures in a number of most dangerous epidermoid carcinomas has markedly increased and that some conditions formerly considered hopeless have been temporarily cured.

A Resume of Appendicitis

A Resume of Appendicitis. THIS is a report of 421 cases operated on by a highly specialized technic. These were all personal operations by the author. They included all types of cases as they came. They included all agents. They were operated upon in four different hospitals in the metropolitan area. This shows that they were not selected cases. They were consecutive. The pathologic diagnosis was verified in every cases and ranged all the way from simple catarrhal appendicitis to the acute gangrenous type.


Symptomatology. SYMPTOMS are the phenomena of ill health, as well as of organic disease. Symptoms are generated by the reaction of the body to a noxious agent. The noxious agent may be a microbe, an over amount of otherwise nutritious material, an exposure to the elements, a nervous or a mental shock, or an injury.

The treatment of Complex Rectal Fistulae

The treatment of Complex Rectal Fistulae. The wound must be dressed so that it will heal up from the bottom. Great care must be exercised in the redressings to avoid bridging over and a prevent the formation of pockets. This can be avoided by daily dressing the wound and by the use of a dry cotton applicator for cleansing the deep pars of the wound. Irrigation with a solution of which-hazel; aids in keeping the tracts of the wound clean.