HOW TO TREAT WOUNDS. Commonsense methods are all that is needed to produce healing of wounds. Soapy water is an excellent cleanser and a perfect disinfectant. Blood is another disinfectant. A wound which has bled adequately has been disinfected by nature. If we wish to treat the wound with a disinfectant, the best thing to use is Calendula. Tincture of Calendula can be obtained from every homoeopathic chemist and is invaluable.


SOUPS. Delicious soups my be made of vegetables alone. Numerous recipes may be found in every good cook book, and it is not necessary to strengthen vegetable soups with meat, meat gravy, animal fat, etc. A meat flour can be given with Marmite or any of the other yeast products, and additional nourishment may be supplied by thickening soups with pea flour, bean flour, lentil flour, cheese, etc.


THE STUFFY COLD. Many people fear the approach of winter. But cold are a common heritage. A sudden change of atmosphere is often causative. It is often a hard time for the poor and if war prevails the condition make their lot still more distressing.Some of us can recall the picture we often in our younger days-that of an invade with his feet in hot water drinking at the same time some decoction to hasten perspiration which was taken as a sign of deliverance from the threat of a severe cold.


AN UNWANTED BABY. On being assure that I was alone she proceeded with “Oh, then do give me some advice.”: By that time I was beginning to wonder what was the matter that required such great secrecy, and replied that I was very willing to help in any way I could if she would tell me what was her trouble.


EYE-STRAIN. IF a patient suffering from some visual complaint goes to the oculist or optician, the eye is carefully examined in the usually way and then glasses are prescribed which are devised to normalize the sight as far as possible,m and the individual is satisfied if he is able to see what he wishes to see either from a distance or nearby.


HOW TO CURE THE SICK. IF a student of medicine has learned a great deal in the orthodox medical schools or by study and self tuition, then he will have to handle patients. The efficiency and ability of the doctor are shown in the way he manages the sick and ailing who come to him. One can imagine a doctor of the greatest competence who nevertheless fails with his patients because he has not the right way with them. I knew two very eminent consultants. One was a specialist in disease of the digestive tract and the other was a mere specialist.


CALENDULA. IN certain grey house in a certain grey street the two lower windows act as beacons of light to the whole neighbourhood by sending out rays of joy and happiness, at any rate to one passer- by, for inside the windows, lighting them up are enormous garlands of flowers, topped, practically all the year round by the golden orb of the Calendula or Marigold, which is tastefully and artistically interspersed by branches of different shades of green.


DIET AND HEALTH. IT has been declared that man in the course of his evolution has lost the instinct of nourishing himself. Eating has thus become an art which has to be learned by man, which the lower animals left to themselves have, an innate knowledge of the proper food. That instinct would enable him to select, as the beast selects, the food that would prevent disease, but even so, man has been given intelligence and will with which to select his food. The selection should not be turned over to the ignorant kitchen worker.


SOME HUMAN AILMENTS. Anything seems better then present conditions, so an operation is often performed, and the last condition is worse than first. It is from this large class that so many suicides result , for they of all people feel more discouraged than any.


TEMPERANCE AND VEGETARIAN PARALLELS. People who get the same food day after day mechanically eat the uniform food without pleasure as a kind of duty. To them the daily meal is like the daily wash, is a ceremony, not an enjoyment. If we wish our food to give us he maximum of good we should enjoy it. Therefore the thoughtful housewife or cook will give a variety of dishes.