Ellis Barker J


  DEAR MR. BARKER, I have just read the August issue of “THE HO…

Ellis Barker J


  DEAR MR. BARKER, I have just read the August issue of “THE HOMOEOPATHIC WORLD,” which I like very much, and I was much interested in the article on childbed fever, which Dr. Duncan contributed to your July number. Autotherapy is no doubt very effective, but homoeopathy will often do all that is needed.

I had a case of childbed fever with sepsis. The patient was a lady of twenty-two years, and had had her second baby. Her delivery had been normal, but she developed high fever and had rigors and flushes of heat and outbreaks of sweating. She complained of bad headaches, her abdomen was exquisitely tender, she had pain all over the body, her urine was very thick and concentrated, there had been no stools for three days, and her discharges were scanty and very offensive. Her temperature rose to 103 degree. I gave her a dose of Sulphur 200, as all her symptoms clearly pointed to that remedy, and gave her a second dose six hours later. These two doses cured her,and she made an excellent recovery without any further trouble.

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