Ellis Barker J

We ought to be fair to our dumb friends and helpers. Hints on their tre……

Ellis Barker J

We ought to be fair to our dumb friends and helpers. Hints on their treatment will be a standing feature of “THE HOMOEOPATHIC WORLD”.



DEAR MR. BARKER, Perhaps you will be glad of the following facts for your animals pages.

My family has suffered badly from aluminium poisoning, but although I now will allow no cooking vessels of that metal or kettles to be used, I found that one saucepan had been kept back for the fish of our cats! Well, to make a long story short, they had suffered as severely as ourselves, perhaps even more severely, and I immediately banished the offending article with complete relief to the cats in less than a week, when the vomiting, diarrhoea, scratching,etc., stopped! This had lasted as long as our own troubles, in spite of treatment at an animals clinic.

Our little mother cat, only eleven months old, purred the whole time while having her first family because I gave her Calcarea fluorica, Kali phos. and Calc. phos. for weeks previously. The kittens were very ill at five weeks old, terribly constipated, almost unable to take nourishment and panting for breath, so that we thought they would die, but I remembered that some humans had been cured with Veratrum album and gave them one drop of the mother tincture between the three of them and in a few hours of the same afternoon they were well! Human mothers and babies would benefit similarly, even to the purring, by similar treatment in most cases.

We had a mother cat previously who was so bad, suffering many hours and moaning piteously, that we thought we would have her put to sleep. Only she kittened during Whitsun week-end and the animals clinic was shut up. What a vast amount of suffering could be done away with if only people knew how to use homoeopathic remedies and acted upon their knowledge!.

A doctor said to me the other day, “What a firebrand that J. Ellis Barker is!” Where upon I answered: “That is just what we need! We want some few more good firebrands, but I do not think that he is more of a firebrand than was his predecessor, the late Dr. Clarke J H”.

Every good wish from

Yours most admiringly in the work,


39 Elmdene Road, Plumstead, S.E. 18.


THREE is a mistaken idea among dog owners that all dogs must have distemper, but this is just as unreasonable as to say that all children must have measles or whooping cough. Distemper is caused by a germ and unless the dog comes into contact with the organism he will remain free from the disease. The risk of catching distemper is greater in towns than in the country, as every lamp-post and corner stone may be the means of infection. There are dogs who are actual distemper carriers as there are human typhoid carriers.

The dog with distemper in his system although well in himself will evacuate the germs with his urine at every point of vantage, making it easy for the next dog who comes along to inhale the germs. To guard against infection the allopathic veterinary profession rely on inoculation of the distemper virus and vaccine when the puppies are a few weeks old, which often causes the animal great suffering, and sometimes worse than the disease itself. The following case selected from many reported in the Veterinary Record of June 21st, 1930:.

“A hound puppy developed a very large parotid abscess which extended right over the head five days after receiving an inoculation of the vaccine.” What unnecessary suffering.

This serum treatment is on the homoeopathic principle, but it is homoeopathy run wild.

The homoeopathic preparation Distemperinum given internally is a safe and effective remedy as a prophylactic. It is prepared from the tissue of a dog suffering from distemper and given in an attenuated form. A dose of the No. 5 potency (made in 5 grain powders by homoeopathic chemists) should be given twice a week for a month, commencing when the puppies are about six weeks old.

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