CANINE DISTEMPER. Medicines chosen wisely and given to the expectant bitch, can benefit the coming puppies. Frequently, with the indicated remedy, anatomical and structural deficiencies as cleft palate, hare-lip, eczema, etc., can be prevented in families where such have appeared, because the taint that gave rise to them in former pregnancies has been neutralised by the timely administration of the homoeopathic antipsoric remedies.


ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. Banquet de cloture au Palais Eynard. Scene de la vie alpestre suisse en costumes originaux, jodleurs, lutteurs suisses et gymnastes laureats des jeux olympiques. Orchestre. Difficult indeed would it be to rank too highly the value to Homoeopathy of the Geneva meeting of the International Homoeopathic League.


NEWS AND NOTES. As the residual proteins are discarded the use of the concentrate eliminates the fear of infection and foreign protein reaction. When employing it, the fluid is first raised to a temperature slightly above that of the body by means of a water-bath. The desired quantity is then poured into the field of operation just before closing the peritoneum, the viscera being retracted to allow the fluid to sink deeply into the cavity.


PLUMBISM. Today we are calling attention to articles in the British Medical Journal of August 8th on the no less pressing dangers of lead. The poisonous properties of lead have been known to the medical world for generations, but the many convenient properties of the metal have been too tempting to exclude its use.