Read by title, Bureau of Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, I.H.A., July 23, 1954.

Read by title, Bureau of Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, I.H.A., July 23, 1954.



Let us go back to the beginnings of disease: wrong thinking and willing. The three miasms: psora, syphilis and gonorrhea have all left their taint to a degree in all people not treated homoeopathically. It these taints could be cleaned out at the outset, the mother and child could both have wonderful start in developing normally.

More recently, the toxic metals and chemicals that are in our foods are no small item in upsetting the normal development of the delicate structures of the embryo, and the sensitive glandular tissues of the mother.

Aluminum, nickel, lead, zinc, arsenic and the long list of coal- tar products can injure the tissue, impair the mucous membranes and prevent oxygenation in the blood.

There are acute illness that have not been completely cured or have been suppressed that produce abnormal conditions and unnatural symptoms during pregnancy. Chronic conditions often appear as acute symptom and are not easily recognized.

Mechanical conditions and anatomical changes can be great factors in hindering the normal processes of development during pregnancy.

It is only homoeopathic remedies that remove the vibrations of the abnormal in the body, help the structure to return to normal and so allow the Life Force, the Dynamis, to flow through the delicate mechanisms of the body. The Life Force must flow freely and naturally through the organism without obstruction or vitiation.

But these conditions, unfortunately, do not exist very often, so it the necessary to take the situation as it is presented on the first visit of the patient.

The action of the remedy is not chemical or physiological but a dynamic vibratory one. This is in the nature of stimulation, not adding foreign substances in large mixtures to change the activity. Nature responds well to mild, subtle, dynamic stimuli. High potencies are logical to use because the organism of the pregnant woman is highly sensitive and responsive.

Labor is a natural process but all or some of the conditions mentioned have invaded the structure making labor an unnatural process. Homoeopathic remedies can be used previous to, during and following delivery, all depending upon the symptoms presenting themselves.

A various number of remedies will apply during the developing period. Gelsemium, Apis, Sulfur or Nux vomica all help in edematous conditions with scanty, albuminous urine prior to deliver.

During labor Kali carb., Pulsatilla, Caulophyllum are aids to regulate contractions of the uterus.

Arnica is always a good remedy following delivery. It relieves soreness and prevents septic conditions.

In the last analysis, it is a real tragedy that more Homoeopathy is not used in the development of normal, healthy children.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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