Read by title, Bureau of Clinical Medicine, I.H.A., July 23, 1954.


Read by title, Bureau of Clinical Medicine, I.H.A., July 23, 1954.



There is nothing as keenly refreshing in pure Hahnemannian practice as figuring out the remedy and knowing that it is the one. But, due to either the inability of the patient to express himself or the prescribers shortcomings in eliciting a history or perhaps a meager, inadequate knowledge of the Materia Medica or perhaps some other reason this thrill is not as common as desired.

Case 1-Mrs. H.P., a rather 72-year-old lady, not fat but more fluidy, complained of hoarseness and arthritic pains, hand puffy, fingers deformed, numbness. Lots of twinges throw her. Aching through right knee and “headache over eyes.” She volunteered the fact that all these symptoms were better in damp weather. Causticum 1M did the trick. This was on Feb. 6, 1952, again on Dec. 14, 53 and again and Mat 12, 54. Not seen in between these dates nor after the last. I assume I hit it again.

Case II- H.T.N. was operated on for a bladder tumor which required constant fulguration for reappearance of multiple metastases (non-malignant). Given Thuja CM April 28, 53. to this date (July 12, 1954) no reappearance of growths and no discomfort. I might say we waited almost too long here. The surgeon deserves credit.

Case III- M.E.L., a 70-year-old maiden lady. In the left breast a lump began before 15 May 1944 with burning. was treated until his death by the later Royal E.S. Hayes with various remedies. Breast has continued to shrivel in size compared to the other. It is now over 10 years since she has had her malignancy and over two year under my care. So far X-rays have failed to reveal any metastasis. She is philosophical and continues to enjoy life in spite of her handicap.

Let us assume for the sake of argument that our remedies have no action. He then it girl with cancer 10 years on placebo. Its a lot better than under rippers and burners. Perhaps this might be an indictment against our scientific brethren who grasp at straws and in the attempt forget about control series in this ever-so-common ailment. This is a case I will put odds on that it is a cancer. I can and two similar cases. Conium is a “pip” when youre in a corner.

Case IV-Seen by a surgeon and advised hysterectomy for dragging feeling in lower abdomen worse during menses. “Dont touch me. Ill break feeling.” “Gotta sit still.” Excessive flow. Constipated. Looks all washed out and sallow, overworked. Sepia 40 M (F). Typical text book picture. One dose, no placebo, was given Nov. 5, 53. To date (July 12, 54) no operation; to quote her, “No need for it.”

Case V-Miss V.C. seen first in Jan. 52 Jan. 52 (when took over Dr. Hayes practice before his demise) for an ulcerated lesion on nose, right side, just to inside of eye. A typical skin cancer, if Ive ever seen one. She had had homoeopathic treatment all her life. This patient was in her seventies pushing eighty.

All remedies seemed to fail me. On September 1, 53, to quote from my records. “Right hip lower level of gluteus (fall 2- 3 years ago on cement steps) sharp cutting pains < stooping, < first starting motion, > after motion, < by present hot weather (95-100 degrees for 7 days).”

RX Nit. ac. 30. (BT).

Seen again May 12, 54. She said the ulceration cleared up by October. “Scab left and dropped off in 3-4 weeks.” Lucky for her she didnt come in sooner or I might have botched her with another remedy.

This time (last visit) May 12, 54 complains of dull tight feeling,. Rushing sensation when leaning down. Pains from occiput shooting to forehead, knifelike in character. Needless to say I gave Nitric acid 200. this time.

I would like to add that I have treated a great many cases of whooping cough with good “modern day homoeopathic consultations” with indifferent results. This past week on 7 cases occurring in two families I used a recently purchased potency of Boericke & Tafels Drosera 200. with amazing results. One measly cough per 24 hours on the average for each kid. Just ask the mothers of a bunch of puking kids if that isnt results.

I wonder, therefore, how long we should keep our potencies. Im almost all for throwing the old ones overboard and starting anew. I say this with my fingers crossed, as some of Jenichens and Finckes still give me what Im after. Frankly, Im afraid of the old ones.

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