HYSTERIA. It is suitable in an hysterical attack accompanied by the “globus hystericus” which is very pronounced with pressure in the esophagus, tightness in throat, rising in throat with desire to frequent acts of swallowing; nausea, fullness in pit of stomach; contracting pressure in abdomen (Hartmann).


It is suitable in an hysterical attack accompanied by the “globus hystericus” which is very pronounced with pressure in the esophagus, tightness in throat, rising in throat with desire to frequent acts of swallowing; nausea, fullness in pit of stomach; contracting pressure in abdomen (Hartmann).


A grand remedy in mild hypochondriasis, but useless in other forms. Hysterical fear, tiredness of life are symptoms which are hardly influenced by Aurum or by Platina. (Lobethal)

Woman of 30, of delicate build, has had irritable moods for 6 weeks. Symptoms: Tinnitus aurium; dull headache; nose stopped up; pain in eyes as from sharp dust; frequently has scaly red eruption on forehead and nose; often has toothache; insipid taste with clean tongue; bloating of abdomen; frequent palpitation; attacks of tiredness with stitching pain in extremities, especially during the forenoon. Restless sleep with anxious dreams; peculiar changeable moods: sudden anger or very happy, or sad with weeping and desire to die; and may soon laugh loudly. Aurum metallicum in small doses cured in 3 days. (Rau)


It has often been useful in hysterical conditions when, in addition to its other symptoms, patients complain of frequent attacks of hiccough, retching, contractions in upper part of throat with difficult breathing and irritation to cough; when menses are much delayed and start again with abdominal cramps, anxiety, chest spasms, nausea, fainting and clonic jerking in extremities. (Hartmann)

Conium In hysterical attacks and convulsions it happens often that no remedy covers the symptoms like Conium. Most troubles here start from the sexual system. Patients complain of severe itching and pain in genitals with downward pressure of uterus and stitching in vagina. Menses suppressed or scanty. Leucorrhea is sharp, makes parts sore; labor-like contractions in abdomen. Pressure in pharynx rising from epigastrium like a ball. Ill humor, sadness, dissatisfaction with self and surroundings; weepy and sobbing when alone. Flickering before eyes. Severe palpitation and pain with every heartbeat as if a knife were thrust into occiput and with hard, fast, swinging heartbeat. (Hartmann)


Quick results were seen in hemicrania and globus hystericus, often even from smelling of Ignatia; also in severe toothache of hysterical women, which often attacked a healthy tooth with lightning-like pain. (Lobeth)

According to Lietzan, Ignatia is a remedy for hysteria, like Nux vomica in hypochondriasis. As one has to concentrate on abdominal symptoms in Nux vomica, so Ignatia demands symptoms of the spinal system. Even though Ignatia alone rarely ever cures hysterical because the causative moments of this multiform trouble are so deeply grounded in so many conditions which no physician can change, but if often proves a soothing aid.

Girl of 18 menstruates regularly, is of tender appearance, white skin, slightly red face, has for years suffered from hysterical attacks.

Symptoms: Irritable mood, is easily depressed, Frequent attacks of frontal and occipital headache with flushed face. Lachrymation, sobbing; throat feels compressed, difficult swallowing, much eructation; chest feels compressed, difficult swallowing, much eructation; chest feels compressed, difficult breathing; tremor of head, jerking in extremities while patient is only semi-conscious. Such attacks are followed by deep sighing and stupefied sleep. Ignatia 9c, one drop, cured all attacks. Later she became consumptive. (Rau)

Hysterical spasms in a girl of 14. Stramonium 12c was followed by Ignatia 12c; in a relapse Stramonium 6c was given. The cure was completed by Ignatia 4c. (Dietz)


It is indicated in hysteria where we find a a sullen, self-tormenting, mean disposition. Even where it demands also another remedy in alternation for this unhappy sickness which is to selfish, Ipecacuanha more than other remedies produces apparent action. (Rummel)


Spinster of 40 has for 20 years suffered from abdominal and chest cramps with the customary complaints of hysterical patients. Allopathically everything possible had been tried. Homoeopathic remedies given so far did not help. Added to the dryness of mouth and throat was a constant sensation as if the mucous membrane were peeling off. This led to Lachesis 30c which cured lastingly in 5 days. (B. in D.) B remarks that in such general, not very characteristic symptoms, as are often found in hysteria, the appearance of a rare symptom is of great value.

Magnesia muriatica

Hartmann point it out as an especially suitable remedy for the female sex who easily take cold with the frequently found symptom of “bruised all over,” who often faint at table, with anxiety, nausea, pale face, “green and red before eyes”; trembling of body followed by relieving eructation; lumbar pain, leucorrhea, uterine cramps (with aggravation toward end of menstruation) which cramps extend into thighs and over entire abdomen with painful hardening. (Hartmann)


Complaints of “pain all over” without stating where. Exhaustion, uncomfortable to fainting. Sudden congestion to head with starting eyes and spasms of mouth, followed by fast, confused talking, then patient turns deathly pale with profuse head perspiration. Moschus has innumerable hysterical symptoms. (Hartmann)

Nux moschata

Lady of 34, nervous temperament, of good constitution, well educated. Nux moschata 30C, repeated in 2 weeks, improved much. (Molin)

Unmarried woman of 24, nervous temperament, fine physical constitution, has had hysterical complaints for 6 years. Belladonna and Opium did not help. Nux moschata 30c soon improved. (Molin)

Spinster of 32 suffered 2 years ago from liver swelling with ascites. Haw now for 2 months had convulsive attacks. Allopathic treatment was minus in result. Nux moschata 30C cured in a weeks. (Molin)


It is an excellent intercurrent remedy in hysterical conditions. Severe mental depression with anxiety due to fear of dying; pronounced neurasthenia and erethism of vascular system are indications for Platina (Lobethal)

Rhus toxicodendron

Woman in the 40s, hysterical, has periodic attacks of headache especially in occiput, so severely that she cannot speak, and has to take to her bed, lasting for 24 hours. She refuses nourishment then. Aggravation from least annoyance and open air, but especially from conversing. Rhus toxicodendron 18C, one drop weekly, relieved in 6 weeks to such a degree that attacks (even after vexation) lasted only an hour. (Schroen)


It is an important remedy for hysteria, especially in hemicrania and clavus hystericus, as also in chronic derangement of the nervous system and in hysterical reproduction disturbances.

It is less important in acute hysterical spasms and milder hysterical attacks, where some or all dental nerves are very sensitive. (Lobethal)

Sepia, as a general womens remedy, is indicated especially in weakly subjects of fine, tender skin, easily troubled hysterically. Characteristic for Sepia is: Sensation as from an icy hand between scapulae; chill over entire body; angina pectoris with attacks of asphyxiation for several minutes followed by clonic jerking of right leg and arm, and finally tremors in legs. Sleep interrupted by anxiety; sudden syncope; profuse perspiration and a condition when patient can neither speak nor move. (Hartmann)


Woman of 18, phlegmatic, lazy, of low mentality, suffered during childhood from moist tinea, later had herpes and menstrual difficulties, followed by pain in throat when swallowing (without inflammation). Symptoms: Still has throat troubles, thinks she has swallowed pins. Is introspective. For hours she may look for pins and needles, does not dare to do sewing, fears needles (which she also suspects to be in her food). When awakening nights her first thought is of needles. Patient is apathetic, indifferent toward amusement and friends, restless, full of fear; worrying. Vertigo from stooping. Daily morning headache. Loss of appetite; constipation; emaciation. Menstruation lacking. Silicea 30C cured in repeated doses. (Knorre)


Very valuable in hysterical attacks especially in pathologic nervous excitability with sensation of great exhaustion and agitation; full of fear and despair. Sensation of heat rising suddenly from abdomen with oppressed breathing; nausea as if rising from umbilicus to pharynx where it feels as if a thread were hanging down from throat; salivation and vomiting.