CHLOROSIS. A chlorotic girl with scanty menses had been declared a heart case on account of severe palpitation. However, the symptoms of chlorosis were unusually prominent; the heart beat was audible over entire chest; severe throbbing of temporal arteries. Pressing pain in stomach, especially when walking. Legs tire easily.

Ammonium carbonicum

Woman 19, phlegmatic, has suffered for four years. Symptoms; Anemic complexion; severe headache with vertigo; frequent vomiting; tongue coated; thirst; poor appetite, menses absent for 2 months. Respiration short; palpitation from every motion. Pulse weak and slow. Ammonium carbonicum 4c was given for 3 weeks with constant improvement and reappearance of copious menstruation. (Fleischmann) Antimonium crudum

Girl of 15, small, but strong, has always been florid, began menstruating copiously when 13. Symptoms: Frequent headaches; usually happy disposition, but now whimsical, angry moods; loss of appetite. Stool irregular. Great laziness forces her to sleep much in daytime. Night rest deep, but not satisfying. Menses gradually stopped after a year of regularity; patient then turned pale, with difficult breathing; is now more tired than ever.

Lips and tongue have lost their natural color. Palpitation from least motion.

All apparently suitable remedies failed. Now she was given Antimonium crudum 6c, one drop daily for a week, then stopping the remedy for a week, which soon improved much. Then other remedies completed the cure. (Hr)


If, in addition to the other symptoms of chlorosis, there are also tremors, frequent fainting spells, severe physical exhaustion, then Arsenicum is one of the most important remedies. (Hartmann) Calcarea Carbonica

This remedy is i n a way a specific; still, at times, a dose of Lycopodium may be interposed on account of chronic constipation and exhaustion; or Sepia when headache is severe. Sometimes Ferrum carbonicum may be interposed.

A chlorotic girl with scanty menses had been declared a heart case on account of severe palpitation. However, the symptoms of chlorosis were unusually prominent; the heart beat was audible over entire chest; severe throbbing of temporal arteries. Pressing pain in stomach, especially when walking. Legs tire easily. Calcarea carbonica 18c cured most of complaints, and Ferrum carbonicum, 2 grain daily, finished all. (Goullon)

Girl of 16 suffered from severe degree of chlorosis; complexion cadaverous; reaching up into thighs; dyspnoea after taking a few steps. Calcarea carbonica 30c (ten doses) cured in 4 weeks; complexion and pulse soon normal. (Goullon)

Girl of 18, middle stature, previously well, has menstruated for 2 years, but not during the past 3 months; menstruation has always been delayed and scanty. Symptoms; Face pale., waxlike; lips pale; eyes surrounded by blue rings; hands cold and without color. Frequent attacks of vertigo with blinding of vision. Sleepy during the day; exhaustion preventing working. Frequent shivers. Appetite and stool normal. Pulsatilla and Lycopodium did not help. After two doses of Calcarea carbonica 6c, menstruation appeared with visible improvement. The same remedy, given every 3 days for 3 weeks, curd. (Diez)

Woman, small, full, blond; previously she was very red, now she is chlorotic for the fourth time. She was well till she was 16 years old. Symptoms: Very pale, slightly bloated; lips pale appetite poor; much thirst,l has chest oppression.

Frequent palpitation; arterial pulsation here and there. Constipation. Menses stopped. Feels weak; extremities feel heavy. Wishes always to lie down and sleep. Weeps without cause. Sensitive to fresh air; is chilly in warm room. Pulsatilla 6c did not help. Headache especially in left temple, severe stitching extending into teeth, aggravated from least motion, noise or talking. Patient sleeps well at night, but as soon as she awakens has pain, especially mornings, better evenings. Severe chest oppression; turning over in bed makes her breathless. Calcarea carbonica 3c trituration twice daily relieved completely in a week, and patient regained full health, (Maly)

Chlorosis with dropsy was cured by Calcarea carbonica. (Blau)

Carbo vegetabilis

Woman of 18, was sickly before electro-magnetic treatment started her menses 5 years ago. Is chlorotic, has leucorrhea and scabies. Gums scorbutic, teeth loose. Feels so weak. Carbo vegetabilis 15c, one dose, cured gum condition in four days. In 3 weeks patients was well and florid. The remaining skin itching was cured by one dose of Sulphur 30c. ( L.)


It is a valuable remedy in edema of extremities, especially of soles of feet; blue rings around eyes; bloating of abdomen; constipation with abdominal pains; poor digestion; acid eructations; craves indigestible things. (Hartmann)

Conium maculatum

Many symptoms which the specific remedy does not always influence, especially in the sexual sphere, a condition demanding an “in between” remedy to prevent recurrences. The best such remedy is Conium, especially when at menstrual time the sexual parts become very sensitive, with dry heat, but without thirst; anxious dreams, limbs feel heavy; tearful restlessness, worry over every little thing; stitches in liver region for several days with great weakness. Menstruation lacking. (Hartmann)

Ferrum metallicum.

The most sovereign of all chlorosis remedies which we know is Ferrum, to be given until every arterial murmur is overcome.

Small doses of Ferrum do not suffice in this sickness; it demands stronger and continuous doses. The cases in which Ferrum is indicated are the most developed intensive, oldest; in all other cases it is worth while to try other remedies, which may often succeed. Where this is not possible, only Iron remains. We should not hesitate to prescribe ferruginous waters. (Hartmann)

In a case of chlorosis with a lung affection, in which Iron and at the same time Sulphur were indicated, I saw the best results from Ferrum sulphuricum, given morning and night, one- tenth to one-fifth grain. (Liedbeck)

Woman of 26, of lymphatic constitution, phlegmatic temperament, had two children. She had suffered from server hemorrhages. Symptoms: Pale, bloated face; skin cool; pressure on skin leaves deep impression, especially around maleoli. Exhaustion, tired our; weeps easily; no appetite, aversion to food; stomach acidity; constipation up to 8 days. Menses profuse and early.

Ferrum metallicum, gr. 5 triturated with 5 drams sugar of milk, of which patient had to take as much as a bean three times daily. This cured her, but she still has profuse menses. (Werber)

Chlorosis in blonde of 25 was cured by Ferrum carbonicum 2c. (Stapf)

Natrum muriaticum

It is indicated where patient feels as menstruation would appear, but does not come. Such patients are sad, full of fear, and incline to fainting. (Hartmann)

This is a chief remedy in our location, a main chlorosis remedy. In chronic cases with cachexia and poor nutrition, with lifeless, dirty-looking skin, it proved curative in 6 to 8 weeks if given three times daily. (Rummel)


Girl of 16, thin, chlorotic, has not menstruated for 3 months; breathing difficulty; no appetite; frequent daily vomiting; bad disposition-was given Phosphorus 30c two doses. After the second dose on the third day menstruation set in, followed by gradual total recovery. Ferrum metallicum had previously been given without result. (Widmann)


I have found it very valuable in chlorosis when breathing difficulty and chest oppression appeared upon motion; feet dropsical; symptoms of anasarca with most difficult breathing.

Plumbum given every even second evening produced surprising result in severe chronic cases. (Winter)

That Plumbum acts homoeopathically was proved in a case of a florid girl with pityriasis who had been treated with red lead salve. She became weak, chlorotic, dyspnoeic so she could not walk up stairs; palpitation; pressing pain under sternum; amenorrhea; loss of appetite; tearful mood. She recovered only slowly. (Rummel)


Pulsatilla and Rhus toxicodendron in daily doses do at times cure chlorosis, but usually only in the beginning. (Kreuss)

Woman of 22, good general constitution, has suffered from chlorosis for 6 months. Menstruation weak, watery, delayed, preceded and followed by leucorrhea. Dull pain in hypochondriac regions, relieved by pressure with hands. Patient feels better from moderate occupation than when resting. Constipation. Has used tincture of iron without result. Pulsatilla 7c was given every two days. In two weeks menses were more copious, and patient recovered. (Dietz).

Girl of 17, weakly, has not menstruated. Symptoms: Face pale, bloated; no appetite; tongue coated; taste slimy; much eructation; respiration superficial, short, especially from exertion; heart action hard and frequent, with murmurs in the carotids. Pulse weak and slow. Exhaustion. Pulsatilla 4c daily relived in two weeks and cured in four weeks. (Fleischmann) Sepia

Sepia deserves first consideration if the sickness is caused by masturbation. The indications here are: Causative are findings in the sexual system evidenced by irritability of various kinds in sexual organs. Patients complain of painful downward tension in pelvis, at times with mucous discharge; twitchings and stitches upward in vagina, at times with discharge, there may be periodic pressing abdominal pain. Swelling of pubic region with burning and perhaps mucous discharge. (Hartmann)

Rabe R F
Dr Rudolph Frederick RABE (1872-1952)
American Homeopathy Doctor.
Rabe graduated from the New York Homeopathic Medical College and trained under Timothy Field Allen and William Tod Helmuth.

Rabe was President of the International Hahnemannian Association, editor in chief of the Homeopathic Recorder, and he wrote Medical Therapeutics for daily reference. Rabe was Dean and Professor of Homeopathic Therapeutics at the New York Homeopathic Medical College.