MAN AND HIS AILMENTS. Environment varies on different parts of the globe. He, who can and does adjust himself to his environment, has the best health. This he must be taught to do, however, I believe that the most important environment to which we must adjust ourselves is that of climate or temperature.

We have gathered here today for various purposes: some come to meet old friends, some for a vacation, some to enjoy the beauty of Swampscott, some for the serious purpose of learning from others a little more about the wonderful system of curative medicine which is called Homoeopathy. Some come, as I do, to try to leave with you anything of value which I might have learned in the past fifty years. In the beginning, I looked forward with visions of and hopes for great accomplishments in fighting the many diseases to which mankind was heir. I now look backward to try to find why we have failed to promote and spread the great scientific method of curative medicine of which we are representatives.

I look back over the years and review not only my own mistakes but those of my friends and co-workers. Our mistakes have not been in our belief in and use of the homoeopathic system, but in our careless thinking, which in turn was due to contamination by the old, established fallacies of orthodox medicine. We, individually, but mostly collectively, were not strong enough to ignore the nonsense with which they overwhelmed us.

Our weakness lay in the fact that few of us realized the nature of mans illness. We still carried in our souls the fear and dread of disease that was handed down to us by our ancestors. We were not reassured, either, by the teachings we received at medical school. And so we took our dread of disease and diagnosis too seriously, and our small doses of medicine not seriously enough.

We seemed to have ignored nature and the vital force entirely and were too often led astray by good, strong drugs which were advertised to be able to knock out and kill any invading disease. We were thus able to be seduced because of our ignorance,to put it plainly; and I mean our lack of knowledge of what sickness actually is. I did not know years ago as I do know now that sickness is unnatural; that it is more difficult to get sick than to remain healthy.

I look back on orthodox medical history and am amazed by its awful blunders. It is almost inconceivable that the great, orthodox medical profession could be guilty of all the crime it has committed through the ages to and including today.

Orthodox medicine today is a greater menace to mankind than is disease. The American public is lured through enticing and alluring advertising, aided and abetted by the family physicians, into buying one thousand million dollars worth of drugs per year- and not a curative medicine among them. As a direct result of this we have in the United States a constantly increasing population of chronic sick which has now reached the number of forty-five million when there should be no chronic sick at all. Nothing like this has ever before obtained in all history, as far as I can determine.

These chronic illness are practically incurable because they are for the most part artificially produced by drugs. This provides a backlog of customers which will keep the family doctors and specialists busy indefinitely. These doctors are not prescribing any curative remedies because they know nothing about medicines that cure. Their job is to palliate as successfully as possible. This in turn makes more incurables–thus establishing a vicious circle.

Sickness of Man

“Sickness to which man is heir”–how often one hears that expression. How silly! Mankind is not heir to any sickness. Mankind can make himself sick, yes; but it is his own doing. If he does it once we can forgive him; if he does it over and over, he is a fool. Sickness of mankind are all so very simple, all self-limited, recovering without help but brooking no interference by meddling doctors. Nature always welcomes help; but it must be real help.

Nature abhors a hostile environment, be it natural or artificial. Whether it concerns temperature, nutrition or social conditions, if one violates natural rules which interfere with the process of living, Nature immediately begins the process of protection and recovery; and in so doing produces certain varied symptoms which the medical profession is prone to call a disease, the name of which is determined by the kind and location of these symptoms.

The allopath, having decided on a name, proceeds to give whatever kind of drug happens to be in style at the moment. The homoeopath is not interested in applying any name, he is guided by the symptoms alone to the choice of the curative remedy. Within a few hours the patient is well along the road to recovery, the cost of the medicine being about a fraction of a penny.

Alonzo J Shadman