MAN AND HIS AILMENTS. Environment varies on different parts of the globe. He, who can and does adjust himself to his environment, has the best health. This he must be taught to do, however, I believe that the most important environment to which we must adjust ourselves is that of climate or temperature.


RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the outstanding maladies which handicaps humanity in general with no respect to age, station in life, rich or poor or any degree of sanitation. An acute arthritis is manifested or marked by acute pain, heat, redness and swelling, as of traumatism, gout, gonorrheal, or rheumatoid state.


URINARY INCONTINENCE. Dr. Bellokossy calls for Hahnemannian Provings of these Bowel Nosodes, a plea which Dr. Paterson has repeatedly made. In fact, in the issue of the BRITISH HOMOEOPATHIC JOURNAL 1953, and quoted by Dr. Bellokossy, Dr. Paterson says, “If you have any clinical provings from the use of your Nosodes, I appeal to you to come forward with the evidence–that is what is required before one is justified in publishing a book on nosodes,” and that was in spite of the pleadings of his colleagues. Perhaps Dr. Bellokossy would care to forward his personal provings and any other which he may have.