EDITORIAL. Several weeks ago, while awaiting telephone connections in the doctor’s room of one of Toronto’s largest hospitals, I listened in upon a discussion by four grey-haired physicians. The subject was “the miracle drugs.” Each physician aired his views concerning his experience with one or other of these drugs.


ARISTOLOCHIA CLEMATIS. Systematic provings upon healthy individuals were carried out by Julius Mezger of Stuttgart, Germany. The complete Materia Medica of the drug is published in his book Gesichte Homoeopathische Arzneimittellehre (Sifted Materia Medica), Karl Haug Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany.


IODUM. Hering’s Guiding Symptoms and Kent’s Materia Medica give the best rendering. In my case, the most violent upheaval came after a potency of 50M and I was confined to bed for two months. Even to this day, some one or another symptom crops up. My intimacy with Iodum is ten years old and its effects seem to last for years. In constitutional cases its repetition should be done with great care.


THE CORRESPONDENCE PRINCIPLE AND HOMOEOPATHY. It is said to be bad taste and worse psychology to begin a paper with apologies. Bad as it is, I would rather warn you beforehand and have you escape reality by a peaceful sleep than to have you suffer it out.


NITRIC ACID IN RECTAL CANCER. The description of the growth often helps to select the remedy. For instance, in one case it represented finger-like bleeding excrescences almost obstructing the rectum. Nitric acid suited this condition, as well as the general demeanor of the patient. Case is doing nicely with an occasional dose of intercurrent Sepia and looks better, feels better. No colostomy as yet three months after the proctologist recommended it.