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If Hahnemann was correct in being quoted as saying that HOMOEOPATHY was some three hundred years a head of its time, we of the homoeopathy was some three hundred years ahead of its time, we of the homoeopathic persuasion can still be looked upon as doctors of modern medicine or the medicine of the future, in spite of this so-called atomic age-the age where the might of the infinitesimal at last commands respect. We out West not only hear

about the atomic experiments conducted in the deserts,. but we often see some of the results and wonder about their effects.

Hahnemann, as you know, gave thought and study to the infinitesimal dosage of drugs accompanied by his always famous method of potentisation. His ability to reason stemmed from this boyhood experiences under the tutelage of his fathers who continuously emphasized the importance of thinking.

He is reported darkened room with instruction to come up with a reasoned answer to a question propounded. Likewise,. I wish to make mention of what may be better known to you, namely. the story concerning his father’s retiring at the specific hour of the evening during a group discussion in the community were they ;lived. when queried for an explanation, Father Hahnemann replied, “I am going home to give my son a lesson thinking”.

Little did Hahnemann realise in 1810,when his now famous Organon of Medicine was offered tot he world, the importance to be given to the subject of psychology and its relationship to the health and disease of the modern day. In rereading the Organon and its footnotes, we will find very plainly stated that,m in addition to the indicated remedy, a psychic means of cure may sometimes be found necessary, single or in combination with the remedy.

We must, as Hahnemannians if for no other reason,give thought carrying out the primary precept of practicing HOMOEOPATHY, namely, to reach out and remove the cause.

Having been interested in various avenues opening up for us in studying ways and means of better understanding the Law of Similars, it has been strikingly and repeatedly evident that not of varying number of precepts in order to facilitate its normal capacity to function and produce beneficial results.

this was brought very sharply to our attention by several cases in children. Two examples are cited both of which suffered from asthma, One was a girl, the other a boy, but they had one common factor between them; they were unwanted children. In one instance, the parents were of middle age. After accepting the usual factors which modern society inclines to recognize as being valid in determining the number of children to a family, as well as the time of their arrival, the event of pregnancy was a near catastrophe, coming at such a late date.

We had been consulted by the mother in the early days of her pregnancy. this gave us an added advantage in getting at the underlying symptoms in this particular case. Remedies have helped tremendously, but we were not satisfied but cure was in the making until we gained the cooperation of the mother along corrective lines. We hesitate to for case an outcome, but progress is being made.

In the case of the other child, the parents are younger, talented, extremely preoccupied with their professional interests, and we have her a very badly spoiled youngster who fines it almost impossible to make adjustments, either in or out of his home. He suffers most severely from acute attacks of asthma., He had the usual allopathic advice and treatment, the last of which was a change of climate and change of locality. The advice suggested living in the desert, which represented an annual cost of not less than dollar 3,000 to 4,000. It w3as decided to seek homoeopathic help, primarily in desperation stemming from the futility of the then prescribed treatment, as well was the underlying fear of chronic invalidation.

Now there are no more tantrums, no more exhibitionism but a gradual resignation and acceptance of social duties and obligations, There is another youngster expected in five or six months, It is hoped companionship in the home will bring about beneficial changes as well. The parents are working along corrective lines, and we believe, that that together with the indicated remedy should prove curative.

We trust that this racial will stimulate in each of us a greater desire to make every effort to do as the Organon points out; top search out and remove the cause and them to choose the Similimum.



Carl H. Enstam