A RE-PROVING OF AURUM METALLICUM. For quite a few years now I have steadily been making provings. The following symptoms have been collected over a period possibly of thirty years. In no case did the provers know they were making a proving. I believe this to be essential as it removes the suggestive sphere which is very potent in life.

For quite a few years now I have steadily been making provings. The following symptoms have been collected over a period possibly of thirty years. In no case did the provers know they were making a proving. I believe this to be essential as it removes the suggestive sphere which is very potent in life. Here are my findings under the following headings:- Emotive and Sentient:.

The prover feels flighty, better in open air (30)+. Nervousness with trembling and giddiness (30). Giddiness(30)(30) (30). Giddiness worse walking (30). Great drowsiness (30) (30). The prover becomes apprehensive (30). Gloomy and much depressed all day (2c). An awful nervous attack started at noon, and he shook all over in quivery way inside (30). Could scream if she had given way to her feelings; irritable; trifles annoyed her (30). Nervous and weak (30). Feels lazy in the morning. Around noon to one feels fine, can work well then (30). Until 3 p.m. great tearfulness in the daytime (30). Very weak from the stomach down (30). Very nervous and upset (30). Muddled up in the head (cannot think well) (30). Has to look when descending steps, otherwise flighty and dizzy. Is very tired on arising in 0the morning (30). Head:.

Vertigo (30)(30) (30) (30) (30). Top of head ached (6). Top of head ached form the temples up to the top (6). The left eye begins to lachrymate, and its lower conjunctiva gets very red from congestion. The left eye is blurry from lachrymation (30). Heavy feeling over the eyes (30). Morning dizziness (30) (2c). Objects twirl about, causing vertigo, better by lying down (30). Fiery sparks in the field of vision (30). Amaurosis (30). A bad clutching headache, worse on the left side (30). The headache is better by tightening tightly (30). Steady vertical headache (30). Numb pain over the eyes form temple to temple (30). cold in the head and the nose is runny. It is sometimes watery and sometimes slimy (30).

Night and morning a dull constant ache in the left side of the jaw (upper four or five teeth) (2c). Dull constant headache over the left eye, better out in the air (2c). A thumping headache in the left vertex, very bad about 10 a.m., better by lying down (30). Head sore in the bone itself, on top and on the left side (30). A thumping vertical headache (30). The headache is worse at night when lying down (30). The woman’s neck is stiff (30). Occipital headache is dull and intermittent (30). Very sharp headache all over (30). The head feels very heavy (30). Red nose painful on pressure (5M). Throat:.

Sore throat (6). Constriction about throat as if the wind were cut off (30). Thick slime forms in mouth in large amount (30). Tickling in throat with dry cough (30). The tongue and throat and lips become very dry (30). Upper part of chest and throat involvement with a loose cough (30). Yellow thick expectoration (30). Dry throat worse in morning, without thirst (30). Raw throat (5M). This with watery or thick rhinorrhea. Stomach and Abdomen:.

Prover normally has two or three motions per diem. Proving reduces this to one (30). Motions made lighter in color (6). Diarrhea, which is painless, induced primarily. Motions soft and four times daily instead of once (30). Dull pains would come and go in the stomach (30). Pain greater part of the day after movement of the bowels (2c). The abdomen feels swollen at night (30) (2c). Have suffered very much with gas since 6 p.m. This is up to 11 o’clock (2c). Gas in the afternoon (30) (2c). Bad taste in mouth (curative) (30).

Primary costiveness (30). Greasy sour eructations (30) (30). Qualmish and nauseated, worse standing on feet in the morning (30). Anorexia for dinner and supper (30). All swelled up in the belly (cannot wear corsets) (30). Rumbling in belly at night and after going on the commode (30). Vomiting at midnight, pains in stomach before vomiting (sharp and constant) (30). Supper and dinner are the worst meals (30). Daytime nausea (30). Swollen in belly, worse on left side, worse bending over (30). Costive (30). Poor appetite for all meals (30). Vomited milk in morning. Cannot …..draw breath well cause of belly distension. Belly better after vomiting (30). Nausea (3M). Oppressive distension of the epigastrium (30). Awfully costive (30). The food seems as if it did not digest. It feels like a limp in the stomach. Worse after eating (30).

Back and Body:.

Generalized soreness all over the body, as in malaria 95M). The clothes feel tight as if the body were swollen (6). Pain all day in the left side. It was dull and intermittent (6). Had pain all day in the left side, which extended around to the shoulder blade and for some time troubled me between the shoulders (2c). Pain in the left shoulder blade (2c). In the back of the neck aches like a toothache, intermittent and like neuralgia (30). The backache is very severe and constant, a sore pain as if kicked there (30).

The neck is stiff in the back of it, constant aching pain worse at night, can hardly lie on it (30). Needle-like pains all over (30). All ’round the waist very sore like a sharp pain encircling; could not sleep with the pain at night (30). Sharp intermittent pains in the chest inside, worse after coughing (30). Pain in the back, left side, in lung. It is sharp and steady (30). Shooting pain in heart comes and goes (30). Pains in the back are sharp and constant. When sitting she is better. Tumultuous cardiac action when she laid down to sleep at night (?) (30). Involvement of left thorax. Pain under left breast, a sore and gnawing dull pain (30).


There is a stiffness produced in the right knee (30). Felt tired below the knees (30). steady pain in both knees of a drilling character (30). Has pain daily in the hips, particularly the left, around the back and between the hips (2c). The feet were very cold in the morning (2c). Rheumatism in the right hand dull and intermittent. The pain is worse on closing the fist (2c). Both shoulders ache dully. It is worse at night (30). Both legs are swelling above the shoe tops (30). From the knees down sharp aching pain worse on standing (30).

The left knee is more affected than the right one; it catches near the knee cap on ascents (30). The right leg pained around the internal malleolus like needles (30). The whole right leg has sharp pains once in a while. Worse generally at 6 P.M. (30). Her arms and legs ache all over (30). Cannot straighten her left knee when getting up in the morning (30). Stiff hands worse on arising in the morning (30). The hands were all swollen up (30).

The legs shook from weakness and lack of ambition (30). Stinging pains in the cap of the left leg. Heavy in the leg (6). Worse on stretching out the leg (6). Jerking feet (6). Could not keep the feet still (3M). Respiratory:.

The chest feels filled up. The sensation arises to the throat at times (30). The dry cough is worse at night (30). When she coughs, a pulling pain at the heart is sharp. After this, the menstruation starts to flow (30). Pain in the left lung at the back, which shoots into the heart and the pain is sharp and constant. Smothery in lower chest after eating (30). Could not draw breath because of the gaseous distension of the belly (30). Last night could not get breath. Dyspnoea in the day. Sneezing a good deal all morning (5M). The chest feels tight at night (5M). Sleep:.

Aggravated sleeplessness (30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30)(30). Cannot sleep after 3 a.m.(30). Drowsiness with frequent waking but easily went off to sleep again at night (?) (30). Restless around midnight, frightening dream about drowning (30). Very sleepy around noon (30). Sleepy all the time, worse in the morning (30). Getting up in the morning as tired as when going to bed (30). Very sleepy (deep sleep at night) but on arising not refreshed and very drowsy (30). Has not slept the last three nights (6). Dream of being drowned (a personal proving) (30). Dreams of a brother being drowned (?) (30). Skin:.

Itched all over the body around 2 p.m. Big red spots all over, as large as a nickle. Worse on the arms. Lasted from 2 p.m. until the next day at 8 a.m. The itching was worse in the afternoon (3). Pimples on the face and chest (30). Pimples develop (6). Urine:.

Proving changes a constantly dark yellow urine to one a light yellow (30). Passing more urine (6)(6)(6)(6). Passed hot urine and more frequently (?)(6). Urination is more frequent (6)(6)(6)(6)(2c). Urination every forty-five minutes and this is profuse 930). Nightly frequency from once to two or three times (30). Frequency of urination (30(30). After passing urine, pain in the abdomen ….about the bladder area; the pain is dull and annoying (2c). it is hard to hold the urine when she wishes to urinate (2c).

Nocturia three times and painful (30) (2c). More frequent urination in the morning and passes a good-sized amount (30). Urine much oftener at night, painless and in small amounts (30). Urine is darker (6). Did the proving make the urine ammoniacal and cloudy (?) (5M). Fever and Sweat:.

The perspiration is profuse about the neck in the morning on awakening (2c). Chilliness due to the pain (30)(2c)(2c). Thirst (30). Nightly chilliness around 11 p.m.(2c). Chilliness from 2-5 p.m., ameliorated when covered up with a sweater (2c). Drank three pints of milk after lunch (30). Chills down the back worse at night, cannot get warm, even with much covering (30). The chills are very bad all day long and it is worse in the morning (30). Awfully thirsty from 2-3 p.m. the lips were dry (30). Very thirsty during the day, but the mouth is not dry. Drinking fails to quench the thirst (30). thirstlessness in daytime (?). Chilly in the morning all over the body (5M). Female:.

Donald Macfarlan