ACUTE RHEUMATIC FEVER – A CASE REPORT. My excuse for bringing this report before this august body is that it is a simple clear-cut case of rheumatic fever which was cured by a single remedy and time. This twelve-year-old girl was brought to y office on April 10th of this year complaining that during her second menstrual period, which was then present, she had mild cramps in the abdomen, a lumbar backache and pain and swelling of the left knee which was worse on walking or straightening her leg.


NON-SURGICALLY YOURS. The title of this paper, we hope., will be most fitting and apropos to identify a few thoughts which we have held pertinent to the relationship of the Hahnemannian medical held pertinent to the relationship of the Hahnemannian medical practice in comparison to a surgical.


ON EVALUATING OUR REMEDIES. Young students are apt to regard remedies as of equal value. When Homoeopathy is comparatively new to them, they think of remedies as one would think of so many apples shaken up in a basket. These differ in size and shape but one is as important as all the rest in food value, and that is what apples are for.


EDITORIAL. As a minority group in medicine we advanced and prospered as along as we were satisfied to adhere to our therapeutic concepts. When, under pressure from the vast and well organized medical majority, we showed a willingness to abandon our principles in order to win favor with the majority, we rightly lost face as a group who either had tried our therapeutic methods and found them wanting, or as a group who would desert a sound therapeutic principle for the advantages offered us as individuals as the price of concurrence.