“THE MINIMUM DOSE”. There is no question in my mind that radium and X-ray radiations may cure certain cases of cancer, as these two agents are, at times, causative of cancer, if they were only used in compliance with the law of similarity and in very small, infinitesimal, “instantaneous” applications, never to be repeated until the effect of the first administration fades away and signs of amelioration stop.


SELECTION OF RUBRICS FOR REPERTORIZATION. I have compared two methods of approach to therapeutic problems, namely the empirical without a broad general concept that tends to bring order out of its findings, and the homoeopathic which uses experiments upon human beings in health, records its findings in lay terms, thus avoiding the need to throw away all its experimental evidence with the next change in the interpretation of symptom complexes, and is operating under a broad concept of what we consider a law of nature. The unavoidable size of our task is emphasized and a method that saves tie tote busy physician is suggested.


SURGICAL GENERALITIES. This has been largely a plea for you to look beyond the medical horizon that you may note the appearance of a non-medical case and when you do, please call a surgeon immediately and you may save the life of your patient. Use Homoeopathy as medical treatment, but never as a substitute for surgery.


THOUGHTS CONCERNING TEMPERAMENTS OF HOMOEOPATHIC CHILDREN. The hardest and best part of such work is done in the first year or two of it. I have had the privilege of watching the fruition in a goodly number of these cases, but for now let us consider the initial effort in very early childhood, to learn what we may from observation of a small group of nine children.


HOMOEOPATHY AND SURGERY. The author refers particularly to conditions in his native land-ED. He begins to advise an operation for any ailment for which a surgical and the ignorant patient both come to grief. Although in the primitive past barbers used to practice surgery in India as well as in the West, modern surgery is a highly specialised art and as such the knife should not be allowed to be handled by anyone except a specialist.


EDITORIAL. As to the fluoridation scheme, if our equivocal homoeopathic functionaries had not surrendered out rights, no doubt we should have mastered this crisis at once. More likely it would never have occurred. Nevertheless, the present situation will eventually be mastered as increasing organization of opponents goes on.