If we are one of the strong links, that is excellent it is good for us,it is good for the patient. If we are a weak link along that chain, it is,unfortunately, not so good for the patient, nor is i any good whatsoever for us.

It takes a lot of study in these cases,because, as in any other condition,each case is an individual unto itself. I could list a lot of Homoeopathic remedies:I could list a lot of symptoms. You can find those. You can find the indications for certain remedies, but there are certain conditions which you SEE and which you SENSE, which actually can not be put in writing. Many times it is that knowledge that is the final link in the benefitting off your patient. Study,continual study, is very necessary. Learning to apply is just as important, and is as great a study as study as knowing the proper homoeopathic remedy.

Perhaps one of the most insidious of the heart involvements is that which comes in combination with asthma. Asthma usually develops. of course, at least partly,as an allergy. This condition, after it exists for some little time. automatically puts a pressure upon the right side of the heart, because there is extra work entailed in forcing the blood through the lungs over to the left side, of the heart. This, in turn,makes an enlargement of the right side, which can be of great dimensions, or can be very slight. Cardiac asthma automatically results,and this type of combination usually is not recognized for many years, if ever, until an autopsy is done.

During the last few years I have become more and more cognizant of this combination of conditions. The heart involvement responds very readily to treatment, although, if the enlargement has been of any great extend, or if a sudden bronchial pneumonia develops, or even a lobar pneumonia,or undue exertion, etc, it puts such an extra strain on the heart that usually the patient dies.

For some few years it has been my rule to insist upon autopsies on all patients where there is even the slightest possible chance of any unusual condition occurring, or existing. This, under these conditions usually is termed an acute congestive heart failure cor pulmonale being the actual cause. this involves, primarily,the right ventricle, sometimes even extends to some enlargement, also, of the right auricle. Ordinarily the left side of the heart is comparatively free of disturbances. when these conditions are also combined with some valvular lesion,entailing a leakage, then,of course,things are much greater.

Dont forget to study and investigate all of these very thoroughly.

Also, dont forget that you must see the picture as a whole, treating the individual plus the disease as presented by the symptoms. Individualizing of one portion of the body, and treating,or attempting to treat that alone,must, necessarily, end in failure.


Wm. E. Jackson