BREAKING THE CHAINS OF CARDIAC AND ARTERIAL DISEASES. Dietary indiscretions,gas, gastric upsets,etc., also have a great bearing, many times on these troubles. To discover these hidden causative factors may be almost an impossible task, and many means or methods are necessary, at times, to bring out the acknowledgment necessary for obtaining such knowledge.

Because the factors in the production of heart disease, or simulated heart troubles, are so varied, and, usually, so numerous, they assume the semblance of a chain. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link in that chain. Possibly, many times, the chain is rather short. However, it is my opinion that usually the chain is so lengthy that the main link, or factor, may be lost sight of.

Usually, the patients lose sight of the main link in that chain on purpose. In other words, they blind themselves to the mental factors, which are the original or main links in the chain. The reason, usually, for this blindness o causative factors, is due, many times, to either fear, shame, of malice, or through a desire to appear as if they were being mistreated.

Thus, the real knowledge of underlying factors, or causes, are many times hidden, avoided, or even denied completely, and false or assumed causes are presented as though they were real and true. In fact, even many times the patient gets to beliefs the false clues or conditions himself, or at least he so appears to do. This may come under the heading of malice. In other words, a desire to hurt someone someone they really love-or else a desire for sympathy, which, perhaps, would be considered as an inferiority complex.

Also, sympathetic aches and pains in the region of the heart or in any other part of the body, many times occur, perhaps from an exaggerated fear of having troubles of that kind,with these listing, physically, at all. Many, probably at least one-half, of cycloid heart attacks, when an electrocardiogram fails to show any actual injury to the heart circulation or muscles, or even to the valves any actual injury to the heart, actually may exist as far as the patient is concerned, but may come solely from a nerve pressure, or from a spasm of the muscle as a result of nerve or mental stimuli.

The public have been educated to believe that all pain which exists in the left upper quadrant of the chest, in other words, in the region of the heart, extending to the left shoulder and down the left arm,necessarily are,and must be,primarily heart injures or heart troubles, whereas,actually, we know that many other conditions can be causing the pain. Always, in these cases, regardless of what actually is the condition, if it is at all possible, I make it a point to stretch the dorsal area of the spine, relieving whatever pressure might be there on the nerve supply to the heart. Many of the cases will be instantly completely relieving of pain or symptoms by that alone, which shows that its is a muscle contraction with a pressure on the nerve supply.

If there is actually a heat involvement, such as a coronary occlusion producing an infarct,or other disturbance of that kind,even a cor pulmonale,which is an enlargement of the heart,or a portion thereof, it will not respond to such treatment. However, the treatment is not injurious and will not cause any trouble, even though it may not do any good.

Infections and other disease, in fact many score of them, also come in for a considerable per cent as causative factors in heart conditions,as also do injuries, both internal and external.

Dietary indiscretions,gas, gastric upsets,etc., also have a great bearing, many times on these troubles. To discover these hidden causative factors may be almost an impossible task, and many means or methods are necessary, at times, to bring out the acknowledgment necessary for obtaining such knowledge. Usually the physician must necessarily have the abilities of a detective, a lawyer and a set, or maybe he may need the perception of an inquisitive child in order to find, evaluate and determine which are the causative factors.

Removal or control of the causative factors should be the first in treatment. However, relief of pain and support of normal function is a must and should be done with great facility and speed. The patient only considers the pain,. If you can give him relief, then you are really THE physician.

The homoeopathic remedy,or course, is THE remedy,and will give the greatest and most permanent results., However, many times the injury will have produced married tissue death and scarring which never can be brought back to a normal. dont expect to put back to normal tissue which is already dead. The body, or course,can overcome to a great extent many of those things, or a part thereof. It cannot produce a new heart,a new hand, a new foot.

The quip, as previously stated,”any chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, holds true regarding not only causative factors, but it also holds true regarding remedying, or relieving the condition and symptoms. we, as homoeopathic physicians,are one of the links in that pattern of recovery,and no matter what the other links are, the real dependence for benefit, exists, primarily, on us.

If we are one of the strong links, that is excellent it is good for us,it is good for the patient. If we are a weak link along that chain, it is,unfortunately, not so good for the patient, nor is i any good whatsoever for us.

It takes a lot of study in these cases,because, as in any other condition,each case is an individual unto itself. I could list a lot of Homoeopathic remedies:I could list a lot of symptoms. You can find those. You can find the indications for certain remedies, but there are certain conditions which you SEE and which you SENSE, which actually can not be put in writing. Many times it is that knowledge that is the final link in the benefitting off your patient. Study,continual study, is very necessary. Learning to apply is just as important, and is as great a study as study as knowing the proper homoeopathic remedy.

Perhaps one of the most insidious of the heart involvements is that which comes in combination with asthma. Asthma usually develops. of course, at least partly,as an allergy. This condition, after it exists for some little time. automatically puts a pressure upon the right side of the heart, because there is extra work entailed in forcing the blood through the lungs over to the left side, of the heart. This, in turn,makes an enlargement of the right side, which can be of great dimensions, or can be very slight. Cardiac asthma automatically results,and this type of combination usually is not recognized for many years, if ever, until an autopsy is done.

During the last few years I have become more and more cognizant of this combination of conditions. The heart involvement responds very readily to treatment, although, if the enlargement has been of any great extend, or if a sudden bronchial pneumonia develops, or even a lobar pneumonia,or undue exertion, etc, it puts such an extra strain on the heart that usually the patient dies.

For some few years it has been my rule to insist upon autopsies on all patients where there is even the slightest possible chance of any unusual condition occurring, or existing. This, under these conditions usually is termed an acute congestive heart failure cor pulmonale being the actual cause. this involves, primarily,the right ventricle, sometimes even extends to some enlargement, also, of the right auricle. Ordinarily the left side of the heart is comparatively free of disturbances. when these conditions are also combined with some valvular lesion,entailing a leakage, then,of course,things are much greater.

Dont forget to study and investigate all of these very thoroughly.

Also, dont forget that you must see the picture as a whole, treating the individual plus the disease as presented by the symptoms. Individualizing of one portion of the body, and treating,or attempting to treat that alone,must, necessarily, end in failure.


Wm. E. Jackson