EDITORIAL. The American Medical Association is reported to have endorsed the U.S. Public Health Service in its effort but it is certain officials of the Association, not the mass of practitioners. Many are opposed to it and many object to having drugs forced on their patients not of their own prescribing.


Most of our readers must have been rudely awakened by the noise of the vicious as well as ridiculous attempt stemming from the executive arm of the federal government to impose fluoridation of our water supplies throughout the country, local at first then to sweep over the land with as much speed as possible so as to insure success in the exploit. The excuse used is to rejuvenate the shabby teeth of our children caused by retarded development from “shots,” the use of pasteurized milk, theft of natural vitamins from our food, the supply of slot machine sweets in the schools, poisons that come in our fruits and other foods, serumized animals etc., etc.

A patient told me of a friend of his who went to that part of Texas where the fluoride in untreated water is in sufficient quantity to prevent decay of teeth. He asked a dentist whether the people there had many cavities in their teeth. The dentist replied, “Oh, we dont have to worry about cavities here. The teeth just drop out and we keep busy making the dentures.”.

The fluoride procedure would fit our collective teeth just about the way Lincolns pants (may they be long preserved!) would for Truman. The campaign is carried on through a line of softened-up state and local officials and their train of dependent employees and whatever stooges can be gathered up on the way, by the prospect of increased official activities, promotion in the scale and, unless modestly declined, larger salaries. These minor servants of the people and their helpers are put to addressing groups of innocent people and rounding them up to sign petitions to the local authorities for the project.

Most of us know how easy it is for a promoter to get a group to vote for something, such is the guileless state of the average group mind. The official go-getters circularize the masses of parents with the tax money. I understand that in Hartford fifty thousand circulars have been sent out to date. The circulars blatantly conjole the parents with the official side of the story, keeping deep silence as to the opposing facts while making extravagant assertions and claims.

This thoroughly planned campaign has now been lost on the civilian part of the public with the impact of a deluge. “Why wait while your childs teeth are decaying,” and such remarks is a sample of the quality of the campaign being pushed over by our non-elected but carefully appointed hand clappers. Of course the proposed scheme would add substantially to the ranks of right minded voters and to the salaries that go with enlarged activities; no wrong without good to somebody.

This scheme is one of the tentacles of the executive octopus which is throwing the die for medical, educational, utility and general economic control through health districts, health instructors, school directives and agencies of all kinds while the people sleep and become used to being kicked around. Even the chemical companies, for one item, may be sucked in. It is reported that some companies are refusing to sell the fluoride poison for this project. They have probably smelled a rat in the mesh.

The writer sent there “letters to the editor” on the fluoride business, which follow here. To date no reply has been made to the facts and there is a constantly accumulating mass of newer facts in opposition. But how good are facts before the march of law and order?.


Fluoridation Evils Slow But Sure, Says Dr. Hayes

To the Editor of The American:.

There is a big gap either in the thinking or the information (more likely the latter) of our health officer and his chemists, shown in tHe propaganda toward involuntary fluoridation of our people. Here are some of the conditions which have appeared in scientific tests with the fluorides:.

Arterial and venous hardening; hardened enlargements in fascia and capsular ligaments of joints; superfluous or “rice” bones; bone tumors; bony growths in fingers and toes and hard bone swellings; brittleness of bones; deficient fluid in joints; swelling of head bones in new born children; bone abscesses, in long bones especially; brain tumors; cavities in head bones; baldness; premature age; emaciation and flabby muscles; atrophy of brain; vertigo, nausea and numbness; felons; oily sweat; dry hard skin; hardening of glands; various veins; hemorrhoids; rectal bleeding; ulcers, leg ulcers especially; changes of disposition, irritability, apprehension, discontent, undue financial anxiety; loss of memory; satyriasis, nymphomania; metrorrhagia. A host of other conditions could be mentioned.

Rabe R F
Dr Rudolph Frederick RABE (1872-1952)
American Homeopathy Doctor.
Rabe graduated from the New York Homeopathic Medical College and trained under Timothy Field Allen and William Tod Helmuth.

Rabe was President of the International Hahnemannian Association, editor in chief of the Homeopathic Recorder, and he wrote Medical Therapeutics for daily reference. Rabe was Dean and Professor of Homeopathic Therapeutics at the New York Homeopathic Medical College.