EDITORIAL. Recently, a friend has his lively young dog wormed by a ved. The shots killed the dog. Vermifuges used everywhere today are entirely unnecessary. Correct the dogs general condition by homoeopathic therapy and there will be no worms. Mink coats and homoeopathy are both under suspicion by now.


HYPERTENSION PHYSIOLOGY AND HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT. All these examples are commonplace to those who are familiar with Homoeopathy. They merely demonstrate that the correct remedy chosen according to the law of similars will be truly curative-as in so many other conditions-in arterial hypertension.


HYPOTENSION HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT. Study the blood chemistry of your low tension patients. Often their chlorides will be out, their cholesterols low, their nitrogen metabolism may be disturbed, country to what one might have supposed. At all events, in a field where little is known or done, the homoeopathic remedy can vitalize the patient to a remarkable degree and fit him to lose, more or less joyously, another button in lifes wringer!


CLINICAL CASES. Let us hear from others about remedies used in this most painful and obstinate ailment which often culminates in nerve injection, or cutting of the nerve, leaving at best a paralyzed face and often the shifting of the trouble to deeper centers with disastrous results.