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For centuries traditional …

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For centuries traditional medicine has searched for a specific cure of cancer without avail. And seemingly the more intensified the search and effort, the greater and wider the increase of the dread scourge. Billions of dollars for research are being extracted from the American public annually by the promise of the discovery of a specific cure for cancer.

Research is a valuable and laudible force for good, if it is conducted on a broad and unprejudiced basis. But when it is pursued within the compass of one school of medical thought, especially when that line of thought has failed so dismally in the past in results of cure, it becomes a venal, impotent and worthless institution, dispensing only wide spread fear for selfish gains.

If only the researchers for cancer and all other chronic ailments afflicting the race would take a little time to study the established facts of homoeopathic philosophy, they would learn and know that no specific cure for cancer, arthritis, kidney or heart disease can ever exist or be found; all the diseases mentioned have a common basic soil condition.

The cause of cancer proceeds from a multiplicity of forces and irritations and the most fundamental and important are only known by the homoeopath, viz. the inherited miasms and toxins discovered and expounded by Samuel Hahnemann in that wonderful and priceless gem of medical literature the Organon.

Homoeopathy teaches that no two individuals react to irritants, medicines, or disease toxins exactly alike, and hence each requires his own specific remedy to meet the individual peculiarities of his own blood chemistry.

It is now known no two bloods are exactly identical; they may fall only into similar distinct groups.

From all the above proven facts it is evident that no one element or medical force can be specific for all cases; only individual specifics can cure.

By the most scientific and accurate method yet devised, homoeopathy determines the value and place any drug or remedy can function in its power to cure disease.

By provings of remedies on healthy humans, not dumb animals whose emotions and mental processes are difficult if not impossible to know, with the pains-taking and scientific checks employed to prevent error, the homoeopathic physician is enabled to know the power and limitations of each drug in the cure of sickness.

Each drug or element thus proven becomes an everlasting unit in the ever growing Materia Medica of the homoeopathic store house of medical research and knowledge dedicated to the good of human kind.

Homoeopathy invites all researchers to avail themselves of its valuable knowledge, obtained through one hundred and fifty years of unremitting labor and human sacrifice, that the ends of true research for humanity every where may be more fully realized and served.

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