EDITORIAL. Who of us has not experienced a sense of satisfaction at cutting off a big wart or an epithelioma, bringing skin edges in exact approximation and leaving practically no scar? Or using a local application to stop a foul foot or axillary sweat? Or to clear up disfiguring eczema in a baby or young child? Subdue a headache or other pain, or nervousness or insomnia, with a sedative? Barbiturates, strongly advertised, have come to occupy a prominent place.


THE WONDER DRUGS VS THE HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDY. Considerably similar is the experience with the wonder drugs Penicillin, Streptomycin. Aureomycin, and Chloromycetin, though the toxaemic effects are claimed to be not so bad and troublesome as with Sulfa drugs. While the high fever of the acute phase often dramatically disappears, the disease otherwise practically runs its course. In a way it is worse.


FINDING THE REMEDY. This fact suggests vividly the power of potentized drugs. Hecla lava in sheep causes immense exostoses (bony tumors) on the jaws. In cows, post-mortem examinations showed the intestines filled with ashes, hardened to a mass, as well as other, grossly pathological, lethal effects. It has remained for homoeopathy to use this knowledge for the benefit of mankind.


LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM. Once sensitized to the action of Lycopodium, look out how you handle it. I spilled some 1M tincture on my hand while preparing a graft, and probably got in some by olfaction or through absorption through the skin, but the whole unpleasant proving started anew, which I was very fortunate enough to terminate by a CM potency of Pulsatilla.


PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. Today in the larger centers of population ninety percent of young people twenty years of age have or have had tuberculosis, but only from three to five percent of this number do not over- come it while it is in the acute stage. They generally do not have either fever nor cough but usually do have a nasal discharge that does not respond to treatment and the tonsils are in most cases involved.