(Excerpts from Rueckerts Klinische Erfahrungen.Transl. S.W.S).



(Excerpts from Rueckerts Klinische Erfahrungen.Transl. S.W.S).


1. Belladonna.

Woman of 52, short stature, mild disposition; after taking cold suddenly lost her power of speech, could only babble like small children, though fully conscious. Jerking of facial muscles; has difficulty in swallowing; shivering. Before this happened patient was extremely anxious and had sensation of trembling of heart. After Belladonna 30c. patient slept, but awakened with normal ability to speak. (Ng.).

Young man of 15 had spasms as in Chorea which were cured by Cocculus, but a stuttering remained which Belladonna cured in a week. (Mueller).

2. Causticum.

Man of middle age had been treated with Mercurials, and suddenly, after a walk during rough weather, lost his power of speech entirely though fully conscious. Paralysis of tongue was not present, but patient was very weak and trembly; frontal headache with wrinkling of brow. Acidum nitricum did not help. Causticum 30c. and 9c. cured, except a slight stuttering over words with many consonants. (Goullon).

A woman otherwise healthy and strong, after three weeks of coryza suffered from dull frontal headache with forgetfulness, inability to think, amnesia and mistake in speaking. Causticum 30c. cured completely. (Goullon).

A well-nourished woman of 30 had for a long time suffered from plethora, rheumatic pains, abdominal troubles and constipation, and after a suppressed catarrh lost her power of speech, could only babble and lisp with distortion of mouth to right side, but tongue was freely movable. Speech very indistinct; has frequent fainting spells. Paralytic weakness of right arm, can not grasp not lift nor hold anything. Causticum 30c. was given, repeated in six days and cured in two weeks. (Ehrhart).

Young man of 17 had always stuttered even when talking slowly, with sensation of paralysis of tongue which he could move only with difficulty even thought it was not swollen. Causticum cured permanently,(B.in D.).

3 Hyoscyamus.

Miss, 21, strong and healthy, following a scare lost her power of speech completely, became mute with much loss of motion of tongue, which felt numb and paralyzed; mastication and swallowing uninfluenced. Stitching headache. Menses normal. Belladonna 12. in solution did not help in a week. Hyoscyamus 12C. in solution was given daily. During the fifth night her entire body shook convulsively and was followed by perfect restoration of speech. (Rampel).

Loss of speech and voice, hears well, but can only respond by signs and gestures; in spite of desperate effort she can not get her speech organs to function and can not utter a single letter or sound. Hyoscyamus cured completely. (Hahnemann).

4. Platina.

A scrofulous girl of a suddenly began to stutter, especially in the beginning of a talk, sounding as if she held something in the mouth and as if her speech organs were stiff. Three doses of Platina 30c. cured. (Gross).

5. Sulphur.

A boy of 10 had suddenly lost his speech, could not utter a sound, became emaciated and averse to sweets. Sulphur cured in 24 hours. (B. in D.).

6. Zincum.

Child of 4. following abdominal typhus, answered all questions by repeating the question in a singing tone of voice until a second question was asked to which he reached the same way. Zincum 30c. cured this peculiar affection of a part of the brain in 2 days. (Goullon.).


Physicians and surgeons throughout this country and Cuba are being invited to attend the First Annual Medical Seminar of Mount Sinai Hospital, Miami Beach, Florida. The event will be held on May 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 1951, at the Sorrento Hotel in Miami Beach.

Sponsored by the medical staff of Mount Sinai Hospital, the seminar will provide another link in the comprehensive educational research program established at the 14 month old institution. The hospital already has been fully approved by the American College of Surgeons and recently was approved for intern training by the American Medical Association.

Outstanding medical and surgical specialists throughout the country in the cardiovascular field have been invited to participate in the seminar. Under discussion will be various forms of heart diseases and peripheral vascular diseases from the medical, surgical, physiological and pathological points of view. Recent work on cholesterol metabolism also will be reviewed.

Guest speakers at the seminar will include:.

Dr. David I. Abramson, Chief, Peripheral Circulatory Clinic, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Physiology and Physio-Pathology of Peripheral Vessels; and, Functional Vascular Diseases.

Dr. Claude S. Beck, Professor of Neurosurgery, Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Operation for Coronary Artery Disease.

Dr. Samuel Bellet, Associate Professor of Cardiology, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, The Effect of Electrolyte Alterations on the Heart with Particular Reference to the Effect of Hyper and Hypo potassemia; and, Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias with Particular Reference to the Use of Recent Therapeutic Agents.

Dr. John W. Gofman, Associate Professor of Medical Physics, Donner Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, Biophysical Methodology and Its Application to Medical Research; and, Studies of Arteriosclerosis Utilizing Bio-physical Approaches.

Dr. Seymour S. Koty, Professor of Clinical Physiology, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, The Circulation and Metabolism of the Human Brain in Health and Disease.

Dr. Charles W. Robertson, Associate Visiting Surgeon, Massachusetts Memorial Hospitals, Boston, Peripheral Vascular Disorders: Methods of Study; and, Peripheral Vascular Disorders: Methods of Treatment.

Dr. Otto Saphir, Director of Pathology, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Pathology of Arteriosclerosis; and, Collagen Alterations in Rheumatic Heart Disease.

In addition to the lectures, a cocktail party and banquet will be held on May 23rd. Complete recreational facilities, including golfing, swimming, fishing and sightseeing parties, are being provided for the wives of visiting physicians. Similar activities can also be arranged for physicians who desire these recreations.

Further information on the three-day meeting may be obtained by writing to:.

Chairman, Seminar Committee.

Mount Sinai Hospital.

4300 Alton Road.

Miami Beach, Florida.

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