EDITORIAL. Permit a reminder as to putting the theory into practice. It is necessary, first, to become familiar with the characteristic of the three principle miasms and to study Allens so called pseudopsora. Second, it is necessary to obtain and trace the image of the disease in the strictly Hahnemannian manner as directed in Sections 83-90 in the Organon.


APPLIED CONSTITUTIONAL PATHOLOGY. It is evident that the trend of medicine today is toward the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann, which demonstrates conclusively that all therapy must follow the law of similia. The human body is a unit, and cannot be divided into single parts for therapy. This, also, has been demonstrated by J.E.R. Mac Donagh in the book entitled The Universe Through Medicine.


SPEECH DEFECTS. Sponsored by the medical staff of Mount Sinai Hospital, the seminar will provide another link in the comprehensive educational research program established at the 14 month old institution. The hospital already has been fully approved by the American College of Surgeons and recently was approved for intern training by the American Medical Association.


RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. Insidious onset is marked by vague pains in and around the joints often lasting for a long time and gradually spreading until a number of joints are affected. All of these forms usually end in marked deformity of the joints, ankylosis, with chronic impairment of junction, crippling and muscular wasting.