IS MATERIA MEDICA BASED ON MODERN PHYSICS. Every medicinal substance, whether it be vegetable or animal, having its own fundamental resonant frequency, is only of value in its application to disease when its frequency is identical to that of the disease for which it is applied. Modern physics demonstrates that a remedy becomes curative when its frequency is 180 degree out of phase to the disease frequency and directly applied.

According to the Bell Telephone Laboratories, every human being has a fundamental resonant frequency, as has every individual plant.

Any variation in amplitude or frequency greater or less than the normal fundamental resonant frequency is disease 3.66 meters, the average wave length of the normal human, means a frequency of 80,000,000 cycles per second.

Every medicinal substance, whether it be vegetable or animal, having its own fundamental resonant frequency, is only of value in its application to disease when its frequency is identical to that of the disease for which it is applied.

Modern physics demonstrates that a remedy becomes curative when its frequency is 180 degree out of phase to the disease frequency and directly applied.

How is this frequency liberated? Potentizations and triturations liberate frequencies applicable in the treatment disease.

The genius of Samuel Hahnemann enabled him to apply physical laws in the materia medica long before their relation to modern physics was known. His provings of the remedies, and the fitting of symptoms produced by the remedies to those of the disease, is a direct demonstration of applying a frequency of the drug to the similar frequency produced by the disease. Again this is an application of Newton’s Law of 180 degree out of phase when directly applied.

“For the theory of potentization, of bringing substances into a state of higher energy activity, we do not need the introduction of any hypothetic ‘forces’ (dynamis). We have sufficient support from the knowledge of physics on action and energy.”+ +Critique of Homoeopathy by O. Leeser, M.D.

Many years ago Lord Kelvin made the statement that “if a glassful of molecules were cast into the ocean and then evenly distributed throughout the seven seas, no difference where a glassful of water was taken from seven seas, there would still be about 100 molecules per glass”.

We have evidence from physics (1) that radiation can be produced by mechanical procedures such as trituration (e.g. triboluminescence-radiation induced by friction) and (2) that alterations of organic substances by radiation, so that the ray- effects are preserved and transmitted by the recipient, are well known.

It is known from elementary physics that increased surface, greater distance enforced by an indifferent medium (say, protective medium for colloids, dielectric for electrolytes) and greater regularity in their arrangement-all tend to elevate the level of potential energy.

The retention of an elevated energy level in the case of a “potency” means stored energy. With increased dilution the dissociation and hence the potential ionic activity, e.g., conductivity, increases (cf. “Grundlagen”). Critique of Homoeopathy by O.Leeser, M.D.

It is possible with such simple means as the homoeopath employs to make atoms emit quanta. This is a fact observed by others and described as triboluminescence. Potentizations means increased activation through diminished mass.

We know from such authorities at Tice’s Practice of Medicine, Vol.1, pp. 315-316, that certain bacteria have a specific elective affinity for a certain organ. Forssner demonstrated, by cultivating streptococci showing no specific pathogenicity for the kidney in kidney tissue and kidney extract, that such micro-organisms develop special affinity for kidney tissue when injected intravenously into animals.

Rosenow conducted experiments taking pus from the right mastoid at time of operation and injecting it into the veins of animals. Each animal developed right mastoiditis, never left.

Rosenow went further and injected into animals the bacteria- free filtrate of pus taken from the right ears. Almost without exception he found that the animal’s right ear cells were

affected and not the left or any other tissue. This germ-free filtrate, like our homoeopathic potencies, has an elective affinity which definitely shows that there is polar attraction of remedies and cultures for the opposite polarity+ +From Electricity and Life published in 1945. of the tissue.

In homoeopathic provings it has been demonstrated that certain of our high potency remedies show variation in polarity by their attraction to the right or left side of the body.

Some years ago Professor H.S.Burr of Yale University demonstrated that the right and left sides of the human body are of opposite polarity.+ +From Electricity and Life published in 1945. This varies in women and men. Here we have a demonstration of the elective affinity (polarity) of homoeopathic remedies in the high potencies, thus proving that vegetable and animal remedies have different polarities. Lachesis prefers the left side of the body, Lycopodium, the right.

We are all aware of the magnetic effect of moonlight upon tides-also upon human.

The remedies that are aggravated by moonlight are Antimonium crudum, Belladonna and Thuja; and magnetism and ameliorated patients who indicated remedies are Belladonna, Cuprum metallicum, Nux vomica, Phosphorus and Silicea.

We are also familiar with the magnetic effect of moonlight on the epileptic, some of whom note that their convulsions are worse in various phases of the moon.

One of the most significant proofs of the truth of the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann can be found in present-day research made with the various radio-active metals. The provings of Iodine parallel the symptoms produced by intravenous injections of the radio-active isotope.

Much experimental work has been done with radio-active gold, iodine, strontium, phosphorus and various other isotopes. Up to the present time there have been no cures made by radio-active substances.

Water which forms more than three-fourths of the body content has the highest known dielectric constant. Water used in preparing most of the dilution of homoeopathic remedies is responsible for the ionization of the infinite number of molecules which water holds in suspension or in solution. Water is one of the energy of drugs by the process of potentization.

Crile states that the animal organism as a whole is enmeshed in a network of highly specialized conductors in its physical composition. Therefore, the body is not only highly adapted to electrical processes but its constituents in their interrelation within the organism could not be of any conceivable value in a magnetism employed by any other form of energy. This explains why homoeopathic remedies, void of physiological effect, utilize only energy quanta.

It is surprising to note on p.272 of Crile’s Phenomena of Life, that large amounts of sodium chloride produce a decrease in the potential difference between the fascia and brain and small amounts were followed by an increase.

Salts like sodium chloride do not exist in the molecular form in solution but form the ion of sodium chloride. Ions are not the only dissolved substances that are charged. the charge is due to partly dissociated water molecules adhering to the surface of the particle. Water itself normally dissociates into hydrogen and hydroxide ions.

It is known that ions carry water molecules with them in their migrations through the solutions. The knowledge was gained from the determination of transport numbers in physical chemistry.

Materia medica is not an assemblage of facts which happen to be investigated, out of which an arbitrary choice can be made for practical purposes. As we understand this branch of applied knowledge, it deals with medicinal agents as entire entities. It must therefore strive to secure the whole span of their actions firmly at both ends: at the base the structures from which the relation among these agents themselves can be inferred, and at the summit the images of their actions are reflected by persons. When both these ends are constantly kept in view, the knowledge of drugs becomes securely established in its own sphere of scientific pursuit.

As the toxicology of all radio-active substances is recorded, it is striking to note the similarity to the provings as recorded in the homoeopathic Materia Medica. Symptomatology as laid down by S.Hahnemann is a direct demonstration of modern physics. Hahnemann demonstrated by his process of drug proving the same elective affinity of a drug for a given tissue that is now observed by the modern Geiger counter.

Referring to the Geiger counter, we now know that China of Hahnemann’s early experiments can be shown capable of physical action on ultra-violet light (selective adsorption) in an attenuation of 1 multiply by 10 to the power of minus 77; Nux vomica can be shown to have a similar action in an attenuation of 1 multiply by 10 to the power of minus 57; Radium bromide can, be Geiger counter, be shown to have a radiation through air (showing ionizing properties) which can ultimately be visually recorded by oscillograph in an attenuation of 1 multiply by 10 to the power of minus 7 and can be demonstrated by electroscope at least to 1 multiply by 10 to the power of minus 10, or 1 part in 10,000,000,000 to the power 8.

This research, made by Wm. E. Boyd. has demonstrated the electro-physical activity of the body as an essential part of its vital working, and on the other hand demonstrated that lower attenuations, as used in homoeopathy, have definite and active electro-physical properties. It is, therefore, an entirely scientific and justifiable experiment to test clinically the action and reaction of the human body to such drugs in this form.

Chairman, Bureau of Surgery