EDITORIAL. Pardon another hell on this crooked literary edifice, but as to the abrupt deletion of insulin and substitution therefore of the carefully selected homoeopathic potency someone writing in the Recorder some years ago advised and reported its successful use. This writer has found that practice to be quite successful.


A DIFFICULT CASE. In conclusion, I want to say that I regret that my limited knowledge of Homoeopathy did not permit me to carry this case through in strictly homoeopathic manner and I hope that any suppression of these acute symptoms has been neutralized by desensitization. However, I am still endeavoring to find Nancy’s constitutional remedy and I believe it will greatly aid her in the future.


BARYTA CARBONICA. A condition which is a product of the tubercular miasm, and technically called tabes mesenterica, is found to appear most frequently in a Bar.c. patient. Its stools are hard, dry and knotty; the haemorrhoids protrude every time the patient urinates or passes stool. The aged patient of this remedy must pass the urine several times during the night.


A PATHOGENETIC AND CLINICAL PROVING OF THYMOL. Analyzing its symptomatology, this drug should prove a useful remedy in serious gastric conditions and in some of the diseases of the male sex organs brought on by sexual abuse. The provers have been thanked years ago for their grace of perseverance and personal sacrifice. Only those of us who have conducted a systematic proving can appreciate the amount of labor demanded in such work. I hope it will prove to be some practical value to the profession and new symptoms be added through experience.