HYSTERIA. Patients complains of headache with sensation of hollowness and vertigo with trembling and paralyzed feeling. In general, this remedy has great inclination to exhaustion. Besides, there may be general or local spasms especially of respiratory organs, pharynx, esophagus, stomach with vomiting, intestines (tympanitic), and uterus.

Aconitum 10X All potencies are the lowest recommended is of importance not only on account of its influence on vasomotility, but also as to its moods of fear and anxiety leading to great restlessness.

Agaricus muscarius 6x to 30x causes jerkings and ecstatic conditions with inclination to rhythmic or passionate motions and similar mental behavior. From intense excitability small causes lead to serious reactions and grave excitation. The jerking and twitchings my be local or general and often the patient has tonic symptoms with opisthotonos.

Ammonium carbonicum 4x. It causes weak circulation with fainting. Tearful moods but also irritability; is easily offended.

Angustura 4x. It has local spastic symptoms of respiratory organs (larynx) and pharynx.

Apis 6x to 30x. Must be considered because it has great, anxious restlessness,even delirious conditions, becomes weak, has congestions, fainting, exciting dreams, talking in sleep. There is severe pressing headaches, stupefaction and vertigo; spastic jerking of eyelids and extremities; chest oppression, eructations; nausea and vomiting. It is especially related to ovarian symptoms.

Aquilegia 4x. Clavus and globus hystericus with copious vomiting; insomnia;sensation of trembling with dull pain in ovarian region.

Argentum nitricum 6x to 30x. It acts strongly on brain and spinal cord (pressure in head to migraine with temporary blindness,vertigo, tremors, paralyses, convulsions, disturbed coordination), but there are also stomach symptoms, meteorism, ovarian pain; sensation of enlargement of affected parts. Patient reacts strongly to mental emotions.

Asafoetida 4x to 12x. Indicated on account of general and local symptoms. there are globus hystericus and pharyngeal spasms, or also general spasm; bloating of stomach and intestines, at times with foul or rancid tasting eructations; clavus-like pressure on top or head. Disposition changes quickly. Functions of body and mind change in calculably. Eliminations are often disturbed.

Asarum europeum 4x.Very sensitive to noise; nervous exhaustion and nervous chills are prominent.

Aurum metallicum 10x. Aside from disturbed circulation (Congestion to heart and female sexual organs), depressed mood with suicidal thoughts and actions, often from self-accusation, are observed.

Baptisia tinctora 4x. Spasms of oesophagus and heart.

Bufo 10x. It acts on excited sexual organs, not only in masturbation, but also inconvulsive attacks with aura pointing to these organs, or which occur during or following sexual acts.

Calcarea carbonica 4x to 30x is especially useful on account of its constitutional relation to scrophulosis. It is often indicated where there are heat on top of head, moist hands and feet, in menstrual disturbances and in convulsions. sleep may be very poor with exciting visions. Calcarea phosphorica acts similarly.

Cannabis 4x. Extreme psychic and sexual excitation to spastic or ecstatic conditions are prominent in this remedy.Urination may be disturbed by spasms.

Cantharis 4x is similar to the former. The symptoms on the part of the urinary and sexual organs are even more outstanding.

Castoreum 4x. It is a remedy for nervous weakness, especially after exhausting causes. Spirit, soul and nervous are affected.,.

Caulophyllum 4x. All symptoms, especially headache and psychic disturbances, are aggravated before and during menstruation.

Chamomilla 4x to 30x. Patient is very irritable, angry, pathologically reacting to bodily or mental events. There is inclination to jerking and spasms followed by laming or numbness.The female generative phases, especially pregnancy and parturition, often demand this remedy. It is also very often suitable for children.

China 4x to 30x is frequently indicated in general symptoms of weakness and its results, but it has also special relation to stomach, intestines, circulation and composition of the blood.

Cicuta virosa 6x. It has clonic, but also very pronounced tonic, spasms during which the head is drawn backward, unconsciousness and between attacks head pressure.

Cimicifuga racemosa 4X is valuable on account of its abundance of characteristic nervous symptoms; Bursting vertex pain, insomnia, great restlessness; moods change frequently, as also the bodily symptoms; depressed or anxious frame of mind; twisting and convulsions. All symptoms are related to the female organs, which themselves are not normal, and the complaints are dependent on the generative phases.

Cocculus 10X and 30X is also especially a female remedy with close relation to the spinal cord and brain on the one hand, and otherwise to the chest and abdominal organs. Patients complains of headache with sensation of hollowness and vertigo with trembling and paralyzed feeling. In general, this remedy has great inclination to exhaustion. Besides, there may be general or local spasms especially of respiratory organs, pharynx, esophagus, stomach with vomiting, intestines (tympanitic), and uterus. Menstruation with cramps, painful and very weakening,and yet relieving because, if retarded, all complaints are increased.

Coffea 10x. Great mental and physical vivacity which causes insomnia,etc.Headache as from a nail driven in.

Conium maculatum 6x to 30x. Depressed, dissatisfied mood; weakness and vertigo; sensation as from a rising ball. Female organs: Itching, stitches, downward pressure, menses weak, lacking, instead corroding leucorrhoea. Sexual dissatisfactions supposed to play a role. Perhaps also masturbation.

Crocus sativa 4x. Frequent changes of temperament with prominent motor hysterical restlessness. Jerking of single muscle groups,chorea, Circulation increased (pulsating, congestions, uterine haemorrhages). Characteristic is the sensations of some thing alive in abdomen (pseudo gravity).

Cypripedium 4x. Severe mental hyper-irritation and exhaustion with insomnia.

Gelsemium 6x to 30x. Aside from congestions to head with migraine, and to heart, the paralyzing character (eyes, pharynx, larynx, bladder)is pronounced.

Gratiola 4x. Spasmodic intestinal symptoms with bloating. symptoms, especially jealousy,. which are often leading to exhaustion. Motor excitation or alternating with twitching, even local or general spasmodic affections. This may lead to delirium and attacking bystanders; indecent exposures and other actions of increased libido.During attack face is pale.

Ignatia 6x to 30x.Depressed, introvert disposition; patient takes everything hard, often the result of grief and disappointment. However, this may change suddenly, and without reason to laughing, or convulsions, exalted screaming and dazed condition, or lead to them. Globus sensation, worse from, eructation, is found as often as parietal pressure; also ;local spasms (cough, muscles of respiration, eructation, stomach) are often seen.It is also indicated in paralysis.

Lachesis 10x to 30x. Related to ovaries. The extreme sensitiveness to touch exists not only as to ovaries, but also to neck with sensation of suffocation and of foreign body in throat. Great locality with rapid change of theme. Aside from disturbed circulation which causes headache and oppression to heart, there in characteristic aggravation from sleep. Page: 16.

Magnesia muriatica 4x has reflex symptoms from stomach and intestines (violent eructations, waterbrash, nausea, diarrhea); pressure in head, tremors, fainting and aggravations from large meals and during menstruation; relief from eructation and pressure (headache).

Mephitis putoreum 4x to 10x has great exhaustion, indicated in nervous excitation and convulsive conditions, loquacity, head pressure, restless sleep.

Moschus 4x to 12x. Vasomotor disturbances (vertigo, chilly sensation in body, pale face, fainting, palpitation) are most

prominent; there is also extreme nervous weakness often expressed by important aimless activity. General spasms without loss of consciousness and local spasms of larynx, respiratory muscles and intestines. There may be semiconsciousness or loud delirium; hysterical laughing and crying. Increased libido.

Murex 4x, has much increased sexual irritation in females. Nymphomania.

Natrum muriaticum 10x to 30x acts depressingly on brain, nerves and organs. Aside from a pale face and symptoms of irritated weakness of heart and entire circulatory system (scanty menses) as well as of stomach, intestines and metabolism, we find mental symptoms (indecision, distraction, sadness which does not wish “to talk it over,” which would make patient angry, and they have to be similarly evaluated.

Nux moschata 4x to 12x. Here also weakness outweighs not only the mentality as to comprehension and stability, producing not only strong variations of moods, but also confusion which may lead to improper laughing, etc. Fainting happens easily and also distension after light meals. Obstipation from intestinal paralysis occurs often. There may be tonic-clonic local or general spasms. Characteristic is sensation of great dryness of mouth. Often we notice reflex symptoms from the female sexual organs.

Nux vomica 4x to 30x has especially irritable moods with congestions and disturbances in the organs of digestion (lack of appetite, pressing pain in stomach, constipation, haemorrhoids). One must pay attention to sexual irritations and their abuse, as also to wrong nutrition and mode of life.

Oleum animale 4x. It acts on the autonomous nervous system and has pulsating pressure in head; migraine; spasms or paralysis of vascular muscles; palpitation and fainting. Spastic contractive sensation (in chest).

Oxalic acid 10x. Aggravation of complaints when thinking on them; weakness and headache. This remedy is directly related to the central nervous system.

Palladium 10x to 30x. Patient is irritable, blunt and egotistical. Unpleasant sensation in region of uterus and ovaries. Pressure and pain across top of head from ear to ear. (Boericke.).

Phosphoric acid 3x. A general remedy in nervous exhaustion with indifference and dejection; sleep poor, restless, especially after physical sickness or mental overexertion, grief and care. Perspires easily.

Phosphorus 6x to 30x. May at times be indicated on account of nervous and circulatory weakness as also by the total constitution.

Platina 10x to 30x. It has changeable, but especially haughty, moods, also congestions to head, heart and female pelvic organs, with frequent, copious menses; also increased, but usually unsatisfied, libido.

Pulsatilla 6x to 30x. Tender, depressed mood, desiring sympathy. Venosity and general weakness affect circulation and state of blood, and is responsible for conditions of symptoms of aggravation and amelioration, as also frequent change of symptoms. Digestive and female organs are often especially affected.

Sabadilla 4x. Aside from general nervous exhaustion there are spastic symptoms (constriction in throat as from a stuck bolus, or spastic sensation in chest, convulsive sneezing). Inclination to misinterpret symptoms e.g., imagined pregnancy.

Scutellaria 4x. It has many pointing symptoms; scaring excitement and irritability disturb sleep and increase to confusion; pressure in head to migraine; much eructation, swallowing, gagging, bloating in intestines, sense of oppression in chest; tremors and twitching often lead to reflex spasms.

Secale 6x to 10x is closely related to the female organs, especially at parturition and childbed period. But it also acts on the other involuntary muscles, especially of the vascular system which it contracts spastically. It furthermore can cause general tonic spasms with interrupted twitching, or even lead to paralyses. Paresthesias are seldom lacking.

Sepia 6x to 30x. It is here seldom indicated constitutionally. It has the pale yellowish face, the despondent, scary moods, becoming irritable even from bagatelles. It has venous circulatory disturbances, especially in head (hemicrania), heart and uterus stomach-intestinal symptoms and weakness, especially when sitting in bent-over position (needle work). It however acts also on the male sexual glands.

Stannum 6x to 30x is prominently indicated by the sensation extreme weakness from the least exertion, felt especially in the back. it has crampy pains in stomach and uterus, slowly increasing and decreasing, not tolerating external pressure. Yellowish, weakening vaginal discharge due to general exhaustion; prolapsus. The moods correspond to the great weakness: depressed, tearful.

Staphisagria 4x to 10x. Anger, chronic worry and grief, but also sexual excesses, play an important role. Hence, the patients are weak physically and nervous, but also very irritable. Every emotion aggravates, especially the usually present atony of stomach and intestines. The metabolism is also disturbed as evidenced by inclination to skin affections and deposits of uric acid salts.

Sumbul 4x. Moods change quickly, hysterical laughing, crying and pharyngeal spasm. Severe vasomotor excitement (palpitation and congestions) as also meteorism. Libido increased.

Tarantula Hispanica 6x to 30x. Prominent is extreme restlessness, local in fingers and also generally to choreic twitchings and maniacal excitation. Sensation of chilliness is usually complained of.

Valeriana 4x. Severe reaction to every stimulus leads to headache, even from least exertion; fainting, exhaustion and syncope. Anxious, despairing mood corresponds to this weakness.

Vasomotor disturbances in form of congestions, especially evenings, ascending from abdomen to chest, causing oppression, are as frequent as salivation and nausea to vomiting. The excitation may increase to convulsion or only to lightning like pains flashing through body.

Veratrum 4x. Inclination to local and general spasms as well as collapse-like symptoms.

Viola odorata 4x. Weepy moods without real cause; irritable, full of fear. Often there is oppressive sensation, breathing difficulty, palpitation and pressing headache.

Zincum metallicum or valerianum 4x to 30x. Inclination to muscle spasm or contraction, or only constant motion of legs; pressure at root of nose, all characteristic symptoms. Often suppressed discharges are causative. Insomnia is usually present.

Zizia (Thaspium aureum) 4x. Aside from the often changing moods, there is inclination to convulsive conditions of local of general nature. Pathological changes in female organs are often found.

Alexander Zweig
Zweig, Alexander 1881-1934
Alexander Zweig (born June 11, 1881 in Oels [1] , † July 1, 1934 Hirschberg ) was a German physician, homeopath and medical writer.
In 1906 Zweig settled as a practical doctor in the Silesian Hirschberg, where he finally became the owner of his own sanatorium. In addition to his work as a doctor, Zweig did well as a medical writer: Until the 1930s, he published a number of medical reference books and guides.
Author of :
Nervous Diseases: A homeopathic-clinical compendium of the most important nerve diseases. J. Sunday, Regensburg 1927.
Small Vademecum: Introduction to Homeopathy. Willmar Schwabe, Leipzig 1927.
Instructions for the study of practical homeopathy for physicians. J. Sunday, Regensburg 1927.
Local spasm forms (employment spasm, swallowing, calf cramp) and their treatment. Dr. Madaus & Co., Radebeul 1929.
Soul disease. Dr. Madaus & Co., Radebeul 1930.
Allergic diseases and their homeopathic treatment. O. Enslin, Berlin 1930.