December 19, 1945-Rx. Posterior pit. 22, three doses by mistake.

December 30, 1945-One severe headache but otherwise feels very much improved.Rx. Sac.Lac.

January 14, 1946-Sudden, acrid coryza with easy chilling. Rx. Hepar 1 M.

January 30, 1946-Weary, sleepy. Has lost some weight. Rx. Posterior pit.200, three doses.

February 17, 1946-Improving, feels better in herself. Menses last five days and are more profuse never before in her life Rx. sac. Lac.

March 3, 1946-Rx.Posterior pit. 10M.

May 11, 1946-Hands worse, interscapular pain. Rx. Posterior pit.200. three doses.

May 28, 1946-Rx. Anterior pit. 200, three doses.

May 7, 1946-Stronger and more cheerful. No headaches until past three days. Rx. Sac.Lac.

July 7, 1946-Stronger and more cheerful.No headaches until past three days.Rx. Sac. Lac.

September 17, 1946-Improving. Rx. Sac. Lac.

January 27, 1947-Stronger, small wounds and cuts heal quickly now, no headaches since Dec.25th when she had a bad one. Hands crack, but feels very chilly. Rx. Sac. lAC.

February 11, 1947-Head better.Condition of nails better, three diarrhoeic stools every other day, urgent with cramps, nausea and vertigo, weakness after stool. Rx. Sac. Lac.

March 27, 1947-Head better.Condition of nails better three diarrheic stool,s every other day, urgent with cramps, nausea and vertigo, weakness after stool. Rx. Sac Lac.

May 14, 1947-Better in general.Diarrhea better, but nails split, cracks at the corners of nails and on finger tips. Rx. Sac. Lac.

June 1, 1947-Several headaches,feels hurried, pains in joints, worse damp weather, Otherwise improved. No gain in weight.Rx.Sac.Lac.

July 7, 1947-Feels “wonderful,: mentally and physically; nails better.Rx. Sac. Lac.

August 8, 1947-Feels “wonderful,” mentally and physically; nails better. Rx. Sac. Lac.

September 15, 1947-Backache. Headache and diarrhea, but attributes this to the hot weather. Irritation between fingers, cracks on palms “cured” by niacin and ascorbic acid combined, every time she took them.But energy vastly improved. Rx. Sac. Lac.

October 6, 1947-Cracks and stiffness of hands. stiffness worse, but no weepy spells. Rx. anterior pit. CM.

October 21, 1947-All nails that had broken off are now growing out grain. Rx. Sac. Lac.

November 7, 1947-Improving. Rx. Sac. Lac.

November 29, 1947-No complaints.

January 12, 1948-Flushes two or three times a day hasn’t had them for months. Anxiety, sadness, wants company.No headaches but diarrhea worse. Rx. Sac. Lac.

March 7, 1948-Rx.Anterior pit. CM.

March 31, 1948-Vague anxiety, sadness, wants company. No headaches but diarrhea worse. Rx. Sac.Lac.

July 24, 1948-Much worse, headaches severe,flushes more frequent,sore, cracked finger tips, diarrhea daily for a week. Rx. Anterior pit. AM, three doses.

June 25, 1948-Rx. Calcarea carb,. 10M.

July 7, 1948-Definitely better, nails continue to grow out. Rx. Sac. Lac.

July 13, 1948-Better in herself, though tires easily. Scaly hands better, hot face not any better, diarrhea during the day, but a formed stool in the morning, Rx. Calcarea carb. 5cm.

December 12, 1948-Better. More energy but bowels still

loose. Rx. Sac. Lac.

January 23, 1949-No headaches for a month until today. Rx. Sac. Lac.

February 5, 1949-Rx.Calcarea carb. 5CM.

The patient reported continued improvement at her several visits up to June 14th, when she said that she had no complaints to make except that in spite of having lost two pounds in five months,she still thought that she was too heavy! One could scarcely blame her !.

The question now is, what to do about it ? As soon as she was taken off the thyroid,she began to put on weight; Pituitrin, either anterior or posterior, brought her to a point where Calcarea carb, was plainly indicated.Both preparations of Pituitrin undoubtedly worked curatively, as the record shows. But even the Calcarea failed to reduce her weight to any appreciable degree. She will return for observation, in a month or so, when some solution to the problem may present itself. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.

Harvey Farrington
FARRINGTON, HARVEY, Chicago, Illinois, was born June 12, 1872, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, son of Ernest Albert and Elizabeth Aitken Farrington. In 1881 he entered the Academy of the New Church, Philadelphia, and continued there until 1893, when he graduated with the degree of B. A. He then took up the study of medicine at the Hahnemann College of Philadelphia and graduated in 1896 with the M. D. degree. He took post-graduate studies at the Post-Graduate School of Homœopathics, Philadelphia, Pa., and received the degree of H. M. After one year of dispensary work he began practice in Philadelphia, but in 1900 removed to Chicago and has continued there since. He was professor of materia medica in the Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago, and was formerly the same at Dunham Medical College of Chicago. He was a member of the Illinois Homœopathic Association and of the alumni association of Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia.