RECENT CONCEPTS AND NEW FORMULAE IN MEDICINE. Materialistic causation factors are largely replaced by a knowledge of the subtle forces producing distunement in the vital and physiologic processes of the organism, “disturbed life force” and changed polarity in the electro-magnetic currents of the body which renders the being out of harmony with the rhythm of the Cosmos.

Among progressive thinkers today the etiological concept of disease is vastly different than it was even a decade ago.

Materialistic causation factors are largely replaced by a knowledge of the subtle forces producing distunement in the vital and physiologic processes of the organism, “disturbed life force” and changed polarity in the electro-magnetic currents of the body which renders the being out of harmony with the rhythm of the Cosmos.

Hence the patients inability to react in a normal way to his environment, bringing about all the so called infections and allergies that medical science has cleverly enumerated and classified and more recently, has devised for each new virus or germ designated as a causative entity a specific new “wonder drug” to destroy it. But, alas, soon the germs and viruses become immune to their would-be destroyer and new brain-throbs conjure forth new “wonder drugs” to go the way of their predecessors, leaving poor suffering humanity with an added load of toxemia to harass it and endanger life and comfort because of the so-called side effects which ingraft on the hapless victims, or patients if you wish, a lingering, debilitating drug disease not easy to cure.

One of the more logical medical concepts of recent years, known as psychosomatic medicine, states that sickness of all kinds for the most part has its origin in unrestrained and imbalanced emotions. Fear, anger, envy, hate, avarice, lust, etc., are said to be causative factors in such chronic diseases as arthritis and cancer and innumerable mental disorders.

This line of thought is similar to the teaching of Hahnemann and is largely accepted by homoeopaths every where.

For the removal of these causations, “wonder drugs” would be not only useless but extremely detrimental.

Mental and spiritual guidance and adjustment together with the homoeopathic remedy and an improved environment are the only procedures to help or cures such conditions.

The body of man and animal are made up of and contain the chemical ingredients of the earth.

This mass of chemistry, however, is activated, balanced and controlled by the same subtle force that illuminates and vivifies the sun and stars throughout the realms of space, keeps the planets in their ordered orbits without clash or friction, to give us the changing seasons and all the natural phenomena about us. In generous profusion, plants and shrubs and trees and flowers all evolve and grow because of this God-given life power.

This chemical body of man is formed in the pattern of a huge storage battery comprised of twenty-six trillion bipolar electric cells. Each cell is a separate unit, yet all are wired together to perform work for the whole organism. Through oxidation processes, electricity is manufactured and distributed from the deepest centers to the remotest extremities to maintain growth and all the activities of life and to repair injury or the ravages of disease in the body. (See Criles Bi-polar Theory of Living Processes.).

So much for the physical body of man, animal and plant corresponding to the crust of the Earth of which they are a part, existing in the phenomenal and seen aspect of nature. In the unseen and causative realm of nature, there exists an etheric band linking the physical body of man and nature with the creative and animating forces of life which proceed through the medium of the Sun and Stars, innumerable other suns, from the fountainhead of all power, God, the Creator and Governor of the universe. Mysterious, orderly, ever-changing yet eternal, in cycles of perfection and beauty. “The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life”.

“And man became a living soul”.Gen. 11:7.

From the above observations it is logical to conclude that cause exist in and proceed from the unseen realms of nature and manifest their effects in the phenomenal world of matter.

All chemical, all disease changes in the body of man manifest first in his etheric body by means of the life principle emanating from the fountain head or source of life.

Any disturbance or impairment of the etheric body which hinders the free and harmonious flow of the life force immediately renders the material body or its parts inert and lifeless and soon subjects it to the process of decay and disintegration.

All remedial action must be directed to the causative plain in the etheric body to effect a cure.

In recent years we have heard much of vibrations and vibratory rates and how the science of physics is contributing useful advances in the medical technique of diagnosis and treatment for the sick. The phenomena of color, the speed of sound, the changing physical nature of water from ice to steam are all governed by the rate of the vibrating particles of these substances. Yet the phenomena of color and sound would be nil if the retina of the eye or the tympanic membrane of the ear did not exist to receive these vibrations.

The changes in the state of water exist entirely on the physical plane and require no special medium to register their changes in vibration.

These things are mentioned in order to introduce the Hahnemannian discovery of the potentization of remedies, one of the outstanding advances in the annals of medicine and only faintly recognized by some medical investigators at the present time.

Science has proven that not only light and sound vibrate but every solid substance and element in nature vibrates at a rate consistent with its own form and existence.

Also, that temperature, friction, division and chemical action may all changes the rate of vibration, as well as the form and nature of the substances acted on.

Hahnemanns process of potentization reduced the crude drug to a form of superionization, rendering it highly active and expansive and deeply penetrative which enables it to act on the deeper etheric planes of nature; and the Law of Similars operated by a strong natural affinity to bring the delicate force of the ionized or potentized drug to the affected part of the etheric body to produce equalization, balance and cure from within out, form center to circumference. By releasing the vital force, harmony and health prevail throughout the whole organism.

Professor Einstein is said to have formulated a theory where all natural phenomena, including gravitation and magnetism, may be solved and measured in mathematical formulae and symbology.

The progressive medicine of the near future will be based on, and operated by, proven mathematical equations in conjunction with the homoeopathic Law of Similars within the broad scope of homoeopathic philosophy, for that has been built on the solid rock of one hundred fifty years of untiring work and effort from many minds and hearts and hands of votaries from many lands.

Already the vibratory rates and polarities of remedies and diseases are known and used in the successful treatment of disease in its worst forms.

For our present use in medicine there are four polarities always present throughout nature including man, animal and plant and even all inanimate things and substances.

When a patients blood registers a positive polarity he will require a remedy in the negative class. Not any or all negative remedies will restore the balance of health but only that negative remedy whose vibratory rate is similar to the sick patient and that is found by placing the remedy in the circuit with the patients blood and nothing the ensuing action is measured by a rheostat or resistance box which records the findings in ohms of electrical resistance; in this case the blood is changed, when the remedy is in the circuit with it, from positive which measures. 12 of an ohm of resistance to negative- 12. ohms of resistance.

When a sick patient is found over-negative, more than. 12 ohms of resistance, he requires a positive remedy found in the same way as stated before. A patient whose blood is neutral, that is balanced, neither negative or positive, requires a neutral remedy with a similar vibratory rate to the patient, and this remedy is found by trying each individual neutral remedy in the circuit with the blood until the rheostat changes the reading of the blood from neutral to negative. 12 ohms of resistance.

For all persons whose blood registers. 12. negative are in approximate health, at least his life force is flowing in harmony with the rhythm of the Cosmos.

A patient registering a bi-polar reaction is recorded on the rheostat as-o1. + 0.12, or one hundredth ohm negative resistance and. 12 positive resistance, for this patient a bi-polar remedy in the circuit that restores the blood polarity to negative. 12 exactly, no more no less, will prove curative.

This vibratory and electromagnetic method of remedy finding is a boon to the hard working homoeopathic prescriber because it combines accuracy with much time saving, providing the prescriber is well grounded in homoeopathic philosophy and the homoeopathic materia medica.

First, he must take his case history carefully and completely, as outlined in the Organon. Then the personal and family history together with the high grade generals with rare and peculiar symptoms by repertory study will reduce the vast materia medica to a dozen or so remedies. When the patients blood polarity is obtained or known, three fourths of the remedies may be put aside as the similimum will be found in the proper polarity group only. The few remedies needed for further study can yield the one most appropriate when placed in the circuit with the blood.

It is a mistake to infer that one can successfully employ this method without a good knowledge of the homoeopathic philosophy and an assiduous study of the materia medica.

Without the coordination of these elements success will be infrequent and failure a common experience. This work is only in its infancy. There is a great deal more research needed, together with more delicate instruments than those we now have.

The vibratory rates of remedies are far from complete.

When these factors are completed a much higher percentage of good prescriptions will obtain and the advance in Homoeopathy will be marked and world recognition will be attained. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.

A. H. Grimmer
Arthur Hill Grimmer 1874-1967 graduated from the Hering Medical College (in 1906) as a pupil of James Tyler Kent and he later became his secretary, working closely with him on his repertory. He practiced in Chicago for 50 years before moving to Florida. He was also President of the American Institute for Homoeopathy.
In his book The Collected Works of Arthur Hill Grimmer, Grimmer spoke out against the fluoridation of water and vaccinations. Grimmer wrote prodigeously, Gnaphalium, Homeopathic Prophylaxis and Homeopathic Medicine and Cancer: The Philosophy and Clinical Experiences of Dr. A.H. Grimmer, M.D.