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In colored and Perforated Cards.

U.S.Patent No.526, 717.


Active Member of the International Hahnemannian Association; American Institute of Homoeopathy; Fellow,Academy of Certified Therapeutic Specialists.

The ONLY homoeopathic repertory ever patented in U.S.A.552 CARDS.552 RUBRICS from Kents Repertory 552 MOST USEFUL KENTS RUBRICS> Kents PURE GRAIN. PURE GOLD.

Make any repertorization in 3 to 15 minutes, working with all Mentals, and all Generals, and most important Peculiars and a few important Particulars.

This Repertory is based on what Kent says:”:Do not expect a remedy that has the Generals to have all the little symptoms. It is a waste of time to go after the little symptoms if the remedy has the Generals.

And Dr.Margaret Tyler says: “:Most chronic cases may be worked on Mentals and Generals only, Particulars will be found to fit in,in a marvelous way”.

This Repertory has a complemental “:REPERTORIAL CHART” which enables the doctor quickly to take the case,and in a second find the rubric and the corresponding card.

COMMENTS OF LEADING HOMOEOPATHS:DR.GARTH W.BOERICKE, DR.GARTH W.BOERICKE,philadelphia, Pa: “Congratulations on your new work we have long needed a new one. I shall use your repertory in our new postgraduate school which we are organising now at Hahnemann.”.

DR.JULIA M.GREEN, Washington, D.C.: “You are to be congratulate don the consummation of such colossal work and also upon your decision to print it in English and Spanish. You may be sure that I shall show this Repertory of yours at out postgraduate school sessions.”.

DR.ALONZO J.SHADMAN, Forest Hills, Mass: :I want to congratulate you on what seems a very fine card Repertory. Its perfections and simplicity appeal to me and I am proud that a fellow of the Academy is its author. I think the price is very reasonable.”.

DR.HERMILO L.FLORES, Monetary, Mexico: :I am enchanted with your Repertory. It is a great help to the homoeopath, it saves a great deal of time, and the prescriptions are perfect. I think that every homoeopathic doctor should have one always at hand.” Send for FREE literature and sample cards of a repertorized case. Price: The Repertory in a nice cedar box, with its Manual on “Repertorization” and 100 “Repertorial Charts.dollar”50.00 U.S.cy. In a leather-covered box with your initials dollar 60.00 U.S.cy. Marcos JIMENEZ. M.D., 829 So. Dr.Coss Street,Monterrey, N.L.Mexico.

Royal E S Hayes
Dr Royal Elmore Swift HAYES (1871-1952)
Born in Torrington, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA on 20 Oct 1871 to Royal Edmund Hayes and Harriet E Merriman. He had at least 4 sons and 1 daughter with Miriam Martha Phillips. He lived in Torrington, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States in 1880. He died on 20 July 1952, in Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States, at the age of 80, and was buried in Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States.