INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW CONCEPT. Homoeopathy has to be modernized and re-formulated with an adequate language in the light of 1949 knowledge. It has to be integrated into its right place in medicine. Its basic principles and theories are in harmony with the new general semantics, which has permitted the tremendous modern advance in science. Such a gigantic task will require the cooperation of physicians, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, biologists and philologists.


EDITORIAL. Homoeopathic philosophy, as expounded by Hahnemann and to which, at least supposedly, homoeopathic physicians are loyal, teaches that it is the patient who is to be treated and not the disease which has overwhelmed him. Case-taking by the homoeopath is an art and differs widely from what is known as case-taking in the orthodox school.


ALUMINA. Alumina has hoarseness and loss of voice and afterwards comes the sore throat when he cannot swallow; a feeling of contraction and dryness persists there. Sore throat is aggravated in the evening and at night but it is ameliorated in the morning (opposite of mental and head symptoms) and on taking warm food and drink. Has constant thirst, drinks more than eats.


DIPHTHERINUM IN ACUTE DISEASES OF CHILDREN. In contagious diseases there are some cases that take on a violence such as is seen in diphtheria. In the common colds of children there will be found cases that have symptoms not usually found in the common cold. There may be a dry, unproductive cough that has resisted seemingly indicated remedy for days or weeks that will yield to Diphtherinum.


HOMOEOPATHIC PROPHYLAXIS. Especially in the realm of childrens diseases have the attempts at prophylaxis been chiefly directed and with some degree of apparent success. I say apparent because there is need for refinements in the technique of administration and in the preparation of the therapeutic agents employed, as there is still much to be desired in results obtained by present methods.