COMPARATIVE THERAPEUTICS. Admitted to the hospital with intermittent high temperature, going up for several weeks to 102 degree and higher. X-ray shows clouding of all sinus cavities. The child received three full courses of sulfa drug treatment and in addition three full courses of penicillin injections. During each course the temperature went down only to return immediately afterwards. No change; moreover, a pneumonic infiltration developed in addition.


HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPY IN SOME NERVE DISEASES. Where alcohol plays a role, but is also indicated otherwise. Severe coma with snoring respiration, and possibly drooping of lower jaw; purple face with groaning; strong slow pulse visible from a distance in temporal arteries. It is also capable of stirring up slumbering reaction if given in rare doses, an “in between” remedy.


GONORRHOEA. Medorrhinum has several times brought back gonorrhoea after suppression. One six-footer who had been treated by a specialist four years before he came to see me and had been pronounced cured, had it proven to him that he never was cured. He came for frequent urination and also wanted a stricture cured. This led me to say, “You must have had gonorrhoea and were never cured.”


PHOSPHORUS. Mental keenness, susceptibility to weather changes, and chronic painless diarrhoea are all keynotes for Phosphorus. This remedy was given in high potency, doses not being repeated as long as improvement continued. All symptoms improved and now, fifteen months later, the anginoid symptoms are gone, there are only two stools a day, and he can do a normal days work without headache or other distress.


THE MANAGEMENT OF THE HOMOEOPATHIC PATIENT. The most difficult cases to manage are the new patients who dont yet understand what they must not do: that they must not suppress again an eruption or discharge that the homoeopath has been trying to bring out again. Always warn your patients with suppression in their histories, if a rash or discharge reoccurs, to do nothing and let you know.


EDITORIAL. The brain in constantly working to keep equilibrium, chemical, thermal and mental, making adjustment for any trend away from normal, during all periods from birth to the time of our show or sudden demise. As long as it can keep on this even keel, we enjoy health, a harmonious state where all organs are working to best advantage.