EDITORIAL. Homoeopathy does not give drugs for drug effect. Instead, medicines are used in a way to cause healthful reactions of vitality. Some of this work is quickly accomplished, but some we may need time to make a plant thrive. Nevertheless, relief seldom delays; then long and substantial improvement-moral, mental and physical-follows.


MEASLES. Serum globulin used twice; both children got much worse on it. Aminopyrine used twice; both children seemed much worse afterward. Low potency homoeopathic remedies used many times and the children seemed to improve at once and continue to an uneventful recovery, even if sometimes complications developed. Homoeopathic treatment of measles is satisfying and safe causing no serious complications.


PHOSPHOR. Emotionally, the loss of inhibitions makes him easily excited, getting beside himself with anger, vehement, perspiring from excitement (as does the drinker and the anesthetized patient), fearful, cowardly, sad, hysterical, alternatingly laughing and crying, or just tearful and gloomy, weary of life, and misanthropic.