VERIFICATIONS AND CLINICAL SYMPTOMS OF THE NOSODES. Tuberculinum was repeated without benefit. Sulphur cleared the slate of all symptoms for six months, at the end of which time the tantrums, the screams and all the rest developed in full force. Tuberculinum was again given. From that time the patient made rapid strides towards health and fever five years has remained well.

1. Mr. D., minister. Sensation of “welling up” into the knees, or a sensation of swelling, if he does not move knee feel as if he would go crazy, > kneeling; twitching of knees and ankles. Sleepless from nerve tension. Face itching as from “a million bugs”. Medorrhinum always brought prompt relief for attacks recurring at long intervals over a period of years.

2. Very offensive foot sweat with lack of endurance. Tuberculinum.

3. Miss N., farmer. Pain in upper arms; hands painful and joints swollen. Hands weak on attempting to grasp anything. Knees stiff and ache, < while sitting, > while standing or when stretching legs. Balls of feet sore and toes swollen. This woman is a successful farmer and does very heavy work. She has been accustomed to lifting large bags of meal, but for the last year her hands had been so weak it was an effort to do any lifting. She looked haggard and had lost a great many pounds. Medorrhinum 1M., 10M., CM., at long intervals brought her back to normal. She gained in weight and endurance, and within a few months could lift a seventy-pound bag of meal. After five years there has been no recurrence.

4. Mrs. D., age 48. Uterine fibroid about the size of a large grapefruit, with periods of flooding. No endurance, prostration markedly worse during the menstruation. Craves ice, CRAVES CELERY, eats a large bunch of celery at every meal. This desire for celery had existed for over a year and disappeared permanently a few days after Psorinum; the flooding was controlled and the uterus reduced to normal.

5. Scotch chauffeur, age 72. Flash of light-headed feeling with throbbing in temples, < at night. Dizzy when getting out of a car but never when driving. Blood pressure 105/70, numbness down left arm and precordial oppression, during the attacks feet cold as ice.

An electrocardiogram at this time was negative. Syphilinum was given with prompt relief. This man is hale and hearty now at 76, having been employed in the same family for over fifty years. He requires very little medical care, but when he does the ice- cold feet always precede and attend any group of symptoms, and Syphilinum always does the work.

6. Miss R., and editor of a church magazine. Loss of self control, tantrums like a naughty child; shakes, screams, pulls her own hair, wants to bang her head against the wall, screams “I cant stand it”. Reviews past unpleasant experiences. Wants to be alone, better when alone. Delights to say stinging things, wants to say “damn”, hates people. Sense of hurry, everyone is too slow. Grinds teeth. Nerve tension, “nerves tied up in knots”. Spells of exhaustion, with hard palpitation. Medorrhinum 1M., 10M., CM., produced marked improvement for a year, then it ceased to hold and Tuberculinum 200 was given.

This was followed by the appearance on the arms and the posterior surface of the thighs of a violently itching eruption, bleeding when scratched, and finally a moist eczema all over the body with a general relief of all symptoms for a short time. Within a few weeks, the eczema still being in full eruption, the nerve symptoms returned in full force. Sleepless after 3 a.m. from rush of thoughts and a sense of dual personality.

Tuberculinum was repeated without benefit. Sulphur cleared the slate of all symptoms for six months, at the end of which time the tantrums, the screams and all the rest developed in full force. Tuberculinum was again given. From that time the patient made rapid strides towards health and fever five years has remained well.

7. Mrs. L., housewife, age 43. Very nervous, anticipates trouble, all emotions center in solar plexus. Sense of hurry. Cant stand a close room, must get out of it. Likes cold air and cold bathing, but when sitting still must be wrapped up. Hands and feet as cold as ice and numb. Shaking chills, teeth chatter. Menstrual flow very offensive, “like a dead fish”; urine offensive, “like cats urine”; slimy offensive discharge from navel; breath offensive, tongue white furry coating; large calibre stool. Liver spots on right hypochondrium.

Medorrhinum 1M. was given. This patient did not return for nine months; she then reported that she had been progressively improving–the menstruation had been better than for years, she had lost her nervous tension and apprehensions, the discharge from the navel had stopped, the tongue was clean, breath no offensive, the bowel eliminations were more complete, the liver spots had disappeared, she had no more shaking, chills.

8. Mrs. B., housewife and church worker. Great fatigue, dreads ordeals, anticipates trouble, cant face things. Hysterical, giggling, weeping, cranky, scolding. Tense, fumbles, clumsy. Prostrated during menses, “I could not move even if chased by a bull.” Craves sauerkraut. Perspires freely from emotional strain, axillary sweat offensive. Always cold, loves hot weather, the hotter the better. Empty sensation all over, head, arms and legs and feel empty. Psorinum repeated at long intervals over a period of years has kept her in good health.

9. Mrs. S., housewife, age 42. For thirteen years had been housebound because of a severe pain in right hip, extending down outer aspect of thigh and shooting both up and down, > by elevating the foot, also > by heat; < by dampness and cold weather. Rash in bends of elbows and knees and wrists; rawness under breasts has such an offensive odor “it makes me sick at my stomach”. Oozing from left nipple for over two years, odor of sour milk, so profuse it runs down the leg.

Least exercise produces profuse perspiration, wakens at night with drenching ice-cold sweats Body odor “like a dead mouse”. Stool feels “boiling hot” and has a “terrible odor”. Sensation as if heart were swollen. Floating grinning faces before eyes when she closes them at night. Psorinum changed this woman from a helpless invalid to an active housekeeper. All the above symptoms have permanently disappeared.

10. Miss C., nurse. History of frequent and prolonged bronchial colds. Cough < by talking, damp weather, lying on right side, from morning on rising until noon. Sensation as though she must raise shoulders to > tension in left chest; can breathe better lying on left side. Sense of smell and taste dull. Tuberculinum 200.


Margaret Burgess Webster