PARADOXES. Homoeopathy experiments on well individuals of both sexes with the administration of a single remedial substance or drug. After its administration note is taken of all changes from the normal in the mental and emotional spheres, also changes in the blood chemistry, to form a complete picture or chart of the power residing in each proven remedial agent employed.

To get forward, one must go backward. To get at the surface, it is necessary to go deep inside. To take care of a present difficulty, we must start by going back into the past. It took the gifted Hahnemann, with a brilliant, solid background of original thinking and labor, eleven years of concentration finally to arrive at the great truth of cause and effect in chronic disease.

With his previous experience he could easily cause a disfiguring skin disease to clear up through his similia similibus curentur adventures. But to get at the cause of the disease, it was necessary to go deeper and aim at the person himself and not at the surface or even the present symptoms. This is the hardest lesson to learn, especially if one has had years of training in present-day medicine where what is there before one is ever the guide to therapy.

And we must admit it gives great satisfaction to both the mother and her doctor when a babys disfiguring eczema clears up. The same for chronic discharging ears, a disturbing leucorrhea, urethral discharge, foul foot sweat or axillary B.O. Young Hahnemann with his homoeopathic advantage could here do a quicker and more thorough job than his contemporaries. This method had been practised from the earliest history of medicine and queer enough is still the method of choice in our most modern scientific medical therapy.

A while ago a large group of regularly ordained local M.D.s gathered in our largest hospital to listen to an importation from a large eastern medical institution, with his years of experience in genito-urinary therapy, declared that the injection treatment for gonorrhoea, in use for over fifty years, was the cause behind the complications, the sequelae, always felt to be due to the disease itself. He seems at this late date to be catching up with the homoeopaths who have been taking advantage of this fact for many years. But how many of that group of regular, well- educated, clear headed M.D.s were able to visualize the involved implication? How many of them could appreciate the fact that a disease must, in the words of Hahnemann, “Be cured form within out” and not be driven about from pillar to post in our anatomy?.

A case in point. A large ancient mole, on the back, suprascapular region, had, years ago, effective treatment by diathermy, seemed gone for a time, but FORTUNATELY returned to its old form and so remained for years. However with the patient in the late sixties, it took on new life, developed a hard scab from under which oozed a watery discharge. Then it became sore when touched but that did not give too much discomfort. However when the axillary glands, drainage for that area, became swollen and inflamed, it became a matter of concern.

Thorough surgery was clearly and definitely indicated and recommended. Several remedies FOR EPITHELIOMA were tried, unavailingly, and finally a master prescriber of homoeopathy was called in. A complete history of the patient and his family was spread out before him. He was not long in arriving at the remedy: Pulsatilla. What had Puls. to do with epithelioma? From experience nothing.

Kent makes no mention of it in his excellent repertory under cancerous affections. We do not find cancer even mentioned in our useful Boenninghausen. Then how was Puls. arrived at? By the only correct procedure. The ultimate was kept out of the picture, just ignored in the search for the remedy. The syndrome of the remedy stood out boldly; mentals, generals, particulars, modalities, concomitants pointed only to Puls.

It was given, not in tincture or the 3x, useful as these are in their proper places. The start was with the 1M, a single dose given in November. Nothing much happened from that. In two months, a single dose of the 10M, which improved conditions somewhat. A dose of the CM two months later gradually healed the thing. The hard scab, present for over a year, dropped off and only a small scar remained. Now after several years there has been no sign of a recurrence. When, if ever, will this idea, this TRUTH, really penetrate our thick skull. We have heard it so often it has become trite. DO NOT TREAT THE RESULT OF DISEASE TREAT THE ENTIRE MAN as expressed in the outstanding symptoms.


Thomas K. Moore
Thomas K. Moore, MD, Akron, OH