THE APPROACH TO REALITY. Here are four approaches to reality. Had he known of them, Lippe could have made his prescription of Lac can. with whichever he chose to use. There was an objective relation between the drug and the impotent patient. Any approach to reality should have indicated the relation. Lippe solved the problem by a study of the symptoms. He might have observed the autonomic responses.


POTENCY. Something over a century ago, one of the foremost analytical chemists of that time, also an M.D., reducing dose to avoid evil drug effects, ground in a mortar one grain of drug to one hundred of innocuous substance, to yield as he said a mixture every part of which was the same, grinding three or four hours, a laborious process. He found a small bit of this gave the usual curative drug effect.


TUMBAVAQUEROS. Out of the groups of patients with different mental troubles selected by Dr. Ugalde, for the use of Tumbavaqueros, all of them improved very strikingly in their psychical state, reaching the following conclusions: Tumbavaqueros neither depresses the psychical function nor depresses the arterial tension having a sedative action, it is atoxic and it does not produce a habit.


NERVOUS MOMENTS OF A “G P “. No more blood spitting after second day for three months. Gain of over two pounds. Cough and sputum stopped. No longer feels tired. Carried for over three years on Stann. and Alumen at two to three months intervals (with one dose of Iodum for a cold), never stopping work except for two weeks vacation yearly. No blood spitting in over a year. Holds his increased weight. Chest negative for acute findings.