HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDIES IN OBSTETRICS. Ignatia gives relief to nausea with some of the same symptoms as Natrum mur. but there is hysteria present. Also, twitching and cramps which are severe and may disturb the sleep at night. Worse from pressure and from slightest contact, also from tobacco smoke. Longs for all kinds if indigestible things rather than her ordinary diet. Craving for acids.

In a paper of this length and with the homoeopathic materia medical so rich in remedies that will change (if given according to their indications) a pathological conditions a few of the remedies that have found useful in pregnancy and labor.

One of the earliest complaints of the pregnant woman is morning sickness. It many very from a disagreeable condition to one that is very serious. Choice of a remedy depends on the type of patient and concomitant symptoms, pulsatilla for the tearful, fearful one; < from heat, rather slow in her reactions and way of doing things. She may be peevish,easily influenced and changeable. Sensitive, likes sympathy,and must lie awake long before she can get to sleep. Is < from rich food or pork.

Natrum mur. goes from one extreme to another. Cries when she should laugh and laughs when she should cry. Sympathy makes her angry. Is < from heat; wants to do things quickly,makes quick decision. Her nausea is caused by rich food, acid food,and the smell of tobacco smoke. There may be complete loss of appetite, with continual thirst. The nausea is accompanied by pyrosis, and vomiting of thin watery fluid. There may be vertigo, < on rising and stooping. The patient is > from cold things, from quite and having her head high. Is usually worse when she wakens in the morning than at any other times. Has a violent hiccough; may haves sensations if a foreign body were behind the sternum.

Ignatia gives relief to nausea with some of the same symptoms as Natrum mur. but there is hysteria present. Also, twitching and cramps which are severe and may disturb the sleep at night. Worse from pressure and from slightest contact, also from tobacco smoke. Longs for all kinds if indigestible things rather than her ordinary diet. Craving for acids.

A sinking feeling in the stomach, > by taking a deep breath. A feeling of hunger at night which prevents going to sleep.

Ipecac has the constant but unavailing desire to vomit, or immediately after vomiting there is the desire to vomit again,without relief of the nausea. Vomiting of bile, of blood. A feeling as if the stomach were hanging down. May be brought on the right food, candy,fruits, ice cream. The tongue is fairly clear. The patient is very irritable, < from the least noise,from drinking cold things or after smoking. Copious salivation; itching of the skin. Severe headache with the nausea; may have diarrhoea.

Lobelia has anorexia with an accumulation of water in the mouth of acid burning taste., Burning and constriction in the stomach with loathing in the morning. Vomiting especially after hot food. Pain < after eating and flatulence. With the intense nausea there is sometimes a prickling itching of the skin or a history of suppressed eruptions. Vertigo with excessive weakness,face bathed in cold sweat, excessive pallor patient is better toward evening and from warmth.

Moschus has violent vomiting especially in the morning at sight or thought of food. Spasmodic hiccough, cramp-like pains. Faints while eating;faints easily from any excitement; feels very cold. The cold may be general or in single parts. Moschus is suited to sensitive, hysterical women with the above symptoms. Weakness is felt more during response than when moving. Desire for black coffee, stimulants. Great flatulence. Is > from warmth; sensitive to cold air.

Nux vomica: Pyrosis after eating acids or fat food and continual nausea< in the open air. Painful sensitiveness to the least pressure, pain as if from a bruise, pulsation and burning. What of appetite, irritability,constipation and sometimes constant thirst, are relieved by Nux vomica. The patient is sleepless at night; sleeps in the morning when she should wake.

Arsenicum alb. has regurgitation of acid matter or of bitter greenish mucus; < after eating or drinking. Desires small amounts of cold water very often, has burning pain. Craves acids and coffee. Long lasting eructations. Sight or smell of food causes nausea, like Sepia. Craves milk; is < from ice water; ill effects of vegetable diet, melons,watery fruits. Everything swallowed causes pressure in the oesophagus, as if it had lodged there. Is restless, anxious, nervous with fear of death. Hopeless, irritable, angry, exhausted from the slightest exertion. Not felt while lying still, but non motion.

Sulphur has a great desire for sweets with an aggravation from milk and feels very weak and faint about eleven oclock in the morning, must have something to eat. The eructations are strongly acid, burning. The food tastes too salty,water fills the patient up, yet she drinking much and eats little. Worse from warmth, from rest, at night and at 11 a.m.

Actea racemosa has nausea of pregnancy with severe headache reflected by the condition of the pelvic organs. The breath is offensive,the tongue thick and swollen,viscid mucus in the throat, a feeling of sinking at the epigastricum. Pains fly across the epigastricum from one side to the other. The headaches are frontal, or occipital with severe pain in the eyes, > from pressure but < from the slightest motion.

There is a feeling as if the skull were lifted up and as if the top would fly off. And with these headaches there is a sense of gloom, hysteria,and may be fearful of death. Incessant talking changing from one subject to another. Puerperal mania has been cured by this remedy. Given before term it renders labor easier: prevents after-pains.

Aletris farinosa gives relief in the most obstinate vomiting of pregnancy. The least food distends the stomach, so that there is disgust for food like Sepia, nausea and constipation. There may be fainting attacks, vertigo, characterized by weariness of mind and body. The sense of weight in the occiput makes the head feel as if it were being drawn back. All-gone feeling in the morning on rising; nausea is > from drinking coffee, is > by dinner, but returns with gagging at sight or thought or greasy food.

For the dental troubles that may occur during pregnancy,calcarea phos. and Calcarea fluor, are especially to be brought of, Calcarea phos. where there is weakness, digestive upsets, like Sepia. Complaints < when thinking of them. Peevish and fretful especially in the morning on Rising. The digestive upsets are >temporarily from eating. Teeth are sensitive to chewing and < from very warm or very cold things, like Mercury.

Calcarea fluor, is indicated especially where the enamel of the teeth is affected, and there is great dryness of the throat and skin. The glands of the neck may feel hard. The patient is > from motion, is < from cold and > from heat. The teeth may show brown spots on the enamel,. Calcarea fluor, is also to be thought of in conditions of varicosis due to pregnancy.

It tones up the relaxed blood vessels in the limbs or in the labia majora where there may be great distention as well as pain, and danger of haemorrhage as the head of the child comes down, if this condition is untreated. Other remedies to be thought of for removing varices and to be used according to their specially indications as well as the totality of symptoms are Arnica, Arsenicum, Carbo veg., Fluoric acid, Hamamelis,Lachesis,Lycopodium, Millefolium, Pulsatilla.

Cimicifuga racemosa is to be thought of not only in the early days of pregnancy but as the time of labor draws eat. It prevents miscarriage by its tonic effect on the uterine muscle,causes the pains to become rhythmic and come down instead of shooting up the abdomen, and softens the rigid os, and so shortens the length of labor. It also removes the sore bruised condition of the back and sacral region, promotes normal involution and hastens normal recovery. the patient is from rest. The headaches are > in cool air and from eating.

Gelsemium will do much to shorten labor as well as relieve the patient of many painful symptoms. It brings relief from false labor pains that are sharp, neuralgic in character; headache,drowsiness and visionary difficulties may be present. It relieves the cramp in abdomen and legs,dilates the rigid os and strengthens inefficient pains or none at all, the brings labor to a normal conclusion without the patient being exhausted from a long-drawn-out labor. Motion< most of the symptoms, also the heat out labor. Motion < most of the symptoms, also the heat of the sun, dampness and foggy weather. Hot applications > the headaches, also warm drinks and cool open air.

Helonias, lie Aletris,is a uterine remedy of great power,is tonic in its effects on the prolapsed uterus and ligaments. There may be a constant, dark,bad smelling discharge;l flooding on the least exertion. Great vaginal irritation with severe backache, from moving them. Is > from diversion, and warm air.

Opium is indicated in pregnancy when accompanied by the particular nervous symptoms that characterize this remedy and make it useful in other conditions. Prolapsus uteri from fright; suppressed, false or spasmodic labor pains. Puerperal spasms during and after parturition with loss of consciousness and drowsiness or coma between the paroxysms. In uterine inertia during labor; in puerperal convulsions. It is also indicated in excessive movements of the foetus. This patient is from uncovering the head and cool air, from walking and from drinking water.

In concluding this paper, I will mention briefly Viburnum opulus and prunifolium. They are both useful remedies in the prevention of miscarriage,and in spasmodic uterine pains.

There are cramps which are very severe in abdomen and legs, a feeling as if the body from the waist to the lower part of the pelvis would collapse. An indescribable sick feeling all over with pain in the rectum. The symptoms are :> when lying down, > fro,m pressure and from open air: < from motion, at night and from a close room. The action of these two remedies is quite similar in converting irregular, spasmodic pains into contractions that are regular, but it is believed by some that Viburnum prunifolium has a a greater sedative effect than Viburnum opulus in the control of after pains and in postpartum haemorrhage.



Dr.BRYANT: I would like to add one remedy for varicose veins,and that is Vipera. Vipera has one striking modality,and that is the sensation as if the legs would burst when they are hanging down. I have had one striking incident of the assistance that can be had.

Varicose veins are very common in pregnancy. The further they go,and the greater pressure there is on the large venous trunks, the greater the pressure is likely to e in the leg. I think most of you feel a lot of satisfaction if you get that symptom for Vipera.

DR.SCHMIDT: I would like to mention a remedy for vomiting of pregnancy when the other medicines fails to act, without a special indication, Symphoricarpus racemosa. In Europe, the routine remedy to be given for delivery and to avoid complications is Arnica, which is given a week before confinement.

DR.GOBAR: I have used all through my practice, before, and in the last couple of months, Cimicifuga. I use it routinely and I feel it has given me a great deal of help. I think it lessens the period. It develop the pains to a greater extent and takes away a great deal of that fear and anxiety you very often find.

I would like to ask Dr.Schwartz if she has used any remedy or remedies for the production or for the help of retaining the milk of mothers.

DR.SHERWOOD; In regard to Dr.Gobars question,I believe cigarette smoking on the part of the mother has a great deal to do with the retardation of milk. I have seen it where a woman had with the retardation of milk. I have seen it where a woman had absolutely no milk whatever,but who in her next pregnancy had sufficient milk if she gave up the cigarette habit, provided, of course, that was taken into consideration homoeopathically. I am positive that in more than one instance the smoking of cigarettes on the part of the mother was very detrimental to the milk supply.

DR.GARCIA-TREVINO;Calcarea carb has helped some of my cases, when the symptoms agree, of course, in that particular instance.

DR.SCHWARTZ;Of course, many more remedies might have been mentioned, but I did not want to write a paper that was over the time allotted me.

I have used Arnica in helping to reduce haemorrhage, for the soreness, in preventing after-pains, and I also found it useful in one case where there was difficulty is passing the urine. It reduced the swelling and pressure, which was very helpful.

These are the remedies I have found most useful in some of these cases, as I mentioned in the beginning of the paper, with the materia medica so rich in remedies, and also considering the type of patient.

In regard to milk, I have never forgotten one point Dr.Kent mentioned in his Materia Medica. He was where there is difficulty,Of course, that takes us back to the nosodes and the underlying miasms that cause pathological symptoms in any patient.

F. Adele Schwartz