IS HOMOEOPATHY LONGER NEEDED IN MODERN MEDICINE. The mother who had been raised a homoeopath, objected to giving her baby “dope” so she wrote to me enclosing the prescription and asking if it were necessary to give this to a baby. She also gave me the following symptoms. Baby covered from head to foot with an eruption worse on the face and legs, for the baby rubs the face with his hands and rubs the legs together until they are raw and bleed.

We. were all surprised to read an article published a few months ago in one of our eastern homoeopathic journals, written by a graduate of a so-called homoeopathic college, in which he states “Homoeopathy is no longer needed or desired Such a statement coming from a graduate of any homoeopathic college shows that there is something radically wrong either with the man making the statement or with the college giving him his training. For just as human beings live and get sick, just so long will they need homoeopathy to cure them of ailments that cannot be cured by any other system now to medical science. The homoeopathic principle cannot be destroyed, and cures will go on being made by prescribing remedies compatible with or covered by the symptoms of the individual being treated.

Now, is the failure to recognize this principle a failure of the doctor making such statement or the college giving him his training? I feel that the colleges are teaching too much modern research and losing sight of the necessity of teaching pure homoeopathy. I would not condemn research or have you believe that all the remedies it is bringing out are no good if properly used. In my opinion here is where this young man has made a great mistake; he has not only lost sight of what little homoeopathy has learned, but he has become too enthusiastic over some of the new remedies that have been brought out in lay magazines and the daily papers as well I would like to call his attention to a like enthusiasm a few years back over such drugs as cincophen dinitrophenol, and a few others, and ask him where they are today?

After causing many deaths and blindness in as many more patients they have been consigned to the ash can. Now comes the sulfa group and alike enthusiasm and advertisement causing the abuse which is already bringing much harm and the doctors are reaping the results of their folly. In the May 2 issue of the A.M.A. Journal 1942 a note is made of serious damage to the mucous membrane of the nose caused by using sprays of one of these drugs. In the same issue is a report of four deaths caused by extensive damage to internal organs from their use. OD Quarterly in the April issue reports that sulfapyridine is causing stone in the kidney and urinary tract. The Science News Letter, April 25, reports that the Drs. McKenzie of Johns Hopkins have discovered that the sulfa drugs are causing enlargements of the thyroid.

Now I would like to ask this young man which shows the better sense, to stay by homoeopathy and learn the art well enough to get real results or fool with these remedies that will take human life if improperly used.

If the college fails to impress the student with the necessity of knowing homoeopathy, or the student fails to use what he does know of it, when he is thrown out on his own he wanders around like a ship without a rudder, and in place of getting down and digging out the indicated homoeopathic remedy he falls into the sloppy method of allowing some pharmaceutical house to suggest his treatment so in place of prescribing for his patient he just hands him some prepared pills and spends the spare time on the golf course. He gets by for a time, but not for long, for life is not made up that way for a successful physician. He who expects to succeed without effort will surely meet defeat.

Dr. John Sharp of the University of Nebraska in a recent article made this statement. First we must realise before using any specific procedure that successful treatment depends upon finding and eliminating the cause. Unless this fact is appreciated we will have poor or incomplete response or prompt relapse at the cessation of our treatment of our treatment.”

No truer statement has ever been made, and right here is one place where homoeopathy cures many a case which is unrecognized by the allopathic form of prescribing for in early cases before we can have pathology we must have disturbed physiology which produces many symptoms, and the proper homoeopathic remedy prescribed on these symptoms will remove the cause and prevent the development of the pathology. And is chronic cases where pathology has already produced a chronicity no system of medicine of any school can equal homoeopathy.

But to be real homoeopathic prescriber will not be accomplished by denouncing homoeopathy, but only through hard work and study. Therefore I can see why these young men with little knowledge of homoeopathy, and with so much scientific research thrown at them, take the easy way out. I was not taught too much homoeopathy when I was in college but I was a firm believer in it and when I failed to get results I did not condemn it but got down to “brass tacks” and tried, anyway, to learn real homoeopathy, so now after holding diplomas from four different colleges and practicing over forty-two years with many post-graduate certificate to my credit, I feel competent to say that no other system to date can show the brilliant results of pure homoeopathy.

In support of this statement I want to report a few clinical cases, not because they are so unusual (any homoeopath could report thousands of like cases) but because every one of these had been treated, not only by one but by several old school. doctors who failed to give any relief; and I would like to say to this young man who wrote such an article that it is my opinion that if he would spend as much time studying homoeopathy as he does in condemning it, he might be able to show like results.

Case I Mrs. N. moved to Cleveland where she gave birth to a baby boy who suffered from an aggravated case of eczema and an obstinate case of constipation from birth. The old-school physician who confirmed her took the baby from the breast and treated him with all kinds of ointments and prepared milks and cathartics with no benefit. The baby cried almost constantly night and day, and I suppose that knowing nothing better, he wrote a prescription for phenobarbital to put the baby to sleep, so he and the parents could get a little rest.

The mother who had been raised a homoeopath, objected to giving her baby “dope” so she wrote to me enclosing the prescription and asking if it were necessary to give this to a baby. She also gave me the following symptoms. Baby covered from head to foot with an eruption worse on the face and legs, for the baby rubs the face with his hands and rubs the legs together until they are raw and bleed.

The eruption also oozes a clear straw colored serum. Vomits food badly stools are hard, dry and knotty, no movement without an enema, and when the bowels do move the anus bleeds. There also seems to be a good deal of itching of same as baby tries to rubs it. The baby now was three months old and had received treatment constantly from birth.

I sent her two powders of Alumina 1m, with instruction to give one powder and to wait ten days and not give other one unless necessary. In ten days she wrote me that babys bowels moved naturally the following morning after taking the powder, for the first time in his life, that the eruption was practically gone, and she wanted to know what to do with the other powder. She was instructed to keep it and if he ever needed it to give it to him. In about three months he became a little constipated and she gave him the other powder and he has remained a normal baby, with no more trouble to date, which is now going on four years.

Case II. Mr. K., a school teacher, aged 60, came to me from a neighboring town complaining of a severe vertigo and ringing in one ear. He had received treatment for three months with no relief Examination showed no pathology (and without pathology the “old school has no anchor”). His vertigo was aggravated by lying down and especially on turning over in bed, on raising up and when attempting to walk he had a tendency to fall to one side. Intercourse made him dizzy and nauseated He also complained of some prostatic irritation. One dose of Conium 1M cured him in a few days.

About six months later he returned, this time with an eruption on his arms and stated he had been given sulphur externally, internally and eternally, and when this failed to cure, his physician recommended that he go to Columbus to consult a specialist and offered to make an appointment for him, but he decided to come to me. Again he had no pathology, only an eruption which oozed a clear straw-coloured serum when the small blisters (of which it consisted) were ruptured. The itching was aggravated by washing, rubbing and in damp weather. He was given one dose of Rhus tox, 10m which cured in a few days and it never returned.

Case III. Mrs S., a tall dark complexioned girl, age 30, always in good health until about four years ago when she married and moved to another town, where she gave birth to a baby. While carrying the baby she developed a severe albuminuria, but she finally got through the birth, but was left with painful kidney condition. She was cystoscoped and sent to Dayton to have one kidney removed, but as I had been her physician before marriage she decided to come to me before submitting to an operation. At this time she was cured completely with Cuprum ars, and Berberis vulgaris.

J. D. Varney